Argo 8×8 Frontier EFI

Argo 8x8 EFIWhen it comes to utility vehicles, few names compete as strongly for consumer attention as Argo. The company, known for its 6×6 and 8×8 models, offers UTVs that are fully amphibious, able to traverse challenging terrain on land and drive through water without so much as a second thought. For customers who are looking for a bit of an upgrade from the company’s popular 6×6 Frontier models, the 8×8 Frontier EFI utility vehicle is the logical next step. This utility vehicle features eight large wheels, giving it even more traction and stability when conquering the most challenging landscapes. With impressive passenger and cargo capacity on both land and water, the 8×8 will meet the needs of virtually all UTV shoppers.

Vehicle Features: The 8×8 Frontier EFI is Particularly Impressive

Visually, the most striking feature of Argo’s 8×8 Frontier EFI utility vehicle is its incorporation of eight wheels. This isn’t a common sight among most UTVs, and it adds a few key benefits that make this model a logical choice for power users. First and foremost, the use of this many wheels forces the vehicle to have an extended wheelbase. This has the effect of increasing stability and traction while reducing the impact of uneven terrain on any passengers. As a result, driving this vehicle is actually very comfortable on both smooth and less even terrain. Most drivers and passengers will be pleasantly surprised by this unexpected benefit.

The 8×8 Frontier EFI features electronic fuel injection, which is actually not as common among UTVs in this class as one might think. As a result, drivers will benefit from vastly improved fuel economy and the ability to start the vehicle even in very cold weather. Electronic fuel injection also permits the use of electronic, on-board diagnostic and warning systems that highlight potential maintenance or safety issues before they become a much larger, more serious concern for operators and passengers. It’s worth noting that the 8×8 Frontier EFI also features electronic ignition, making it much easier to start.

Argo has designed this model for heavy-duty work, and that includes hauling cargo between various locations. Compared to the 6×6 models also sold by Argo, the 8×8 Frontier EFI features a larger rear cargo storage area and a far heavier maximum capacity on both land and water. This also benefits drivers who are bringing along a few passengers, since the 8×8 can hold twice the number of passengers as its smaller, 6×6 counterparts. No matter the number of passengers or cargo items, the vehicle benefits from a lower center of gravity than many competing UTVs with fewer wheels. A lower center of gravity is crucial, especially with many passengers, because it reduces the likelihood of the vehicle tipping over around sharp turns or when it encounters particularly challenging terrain and water conditions.

As with virtually all Argo UTVs, the 8×8 Frontier EFI can be customized with an exterior color of the buyer’s choice. Standard color options for this model include bright red, blue, and yellow, as well as black and a muted “Tundra Green” option. Some buyers may prefer a camouflage pattern on the exterior instead of a bright color, and they’re in luck with this model: Argo’s signature “mossy oak infinity camo” pattern is available in place of a more standard color configuration.

Reviewing Tech Specs: Impressive Under the Hood as Well

The features of Argo’s 8×8 UTV are impressive all on their own, but the technical specifications of this model are also equally worthy of consideration by potential buyers. First and foremost, this model comes with a commercial-grade Kohler Command Pro OHV V-twin engine. This engine produces a maximum of 23 horsepower, making it an excellent choice for speedy driving and navigating even in rougher areas. This engine is just the beginning, however. When it comes to packing in cargo or passengers, the 8×8 Frontier EFI really shines.

On land, the vehicle has a maximum cargo capacity of 1,000 pounds. This is reduced to 900 pounds when the equipment is used on the water. Both ratings are much higher than the 6×6 models also sold by Argo, and they outperform many competing UTV brands as well. This model can also be used to tow even heavier loads, thanks to its maximum towing capacity of 1,400 pounds. Again, this is a particularly impressive number for a utility vehicle. Capacity specifications continue to impress in terms of the maximum number of passengers permitted on land and on water. On land, the equipment can carry up to 6 passengers. On water, that number is still impressive at 4 total passengers. No matter its cargo or passenger count, the 8×8 Frontier has a ground clearance of 10 inches and will handily avoid most larger rocks or debris.

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