Argo 8×8 750 HDi Amphibious Vehicle

Argo 700 Amphibious VehicleArgo utility vehicles range from semi-compact models to those capable of carrying a large number of passengers and equipment items between various destinations. Customers who have found the company’s other 8×8 models lacking in total capacity or engine design will be delighted to review the various features and technical specifications of the upgraded 8×8 750 HDi model. Designed for customers who demand significantly more engine power, the Argo 750 HDi utility vehicle comes with a much larger Kohler engine and upgraded capacity for towing, carrying cargo, and transporting passengers. All told, the combination of a powerful engine and upgraded capacities makes this model a fit for those customers who refuse to compromise when turning to a utility vehicle to meet their various needs around the home and on all kinds of terrain.

Vehicle Features: A Thoughtful UTV with Better Performance All Around

Available Colors

Perhaps the most noticeable feature of the 750 HDi utility vehicle from Argo is its sheer size and the number of wheels that give it added stability during use. The equipment has an 8×8 wheel design that features four wheels on either side of the utility vehicle, giving this model both added traction on land and much better performance when it’s used on the water. The 8-wheel design also allows this utility vehicle to offer a lower center of gravity to passengers and cargo equipment, keeping them more safely and securely in place even when the equipment rounds sharp corners or encounters very uneven terrain. Thanks to a unique steering system, the vehicle is capable of making sharp turns at a moment’s notice, all without tossing people or cargo aside.

A large engine under the hood makes sure that this model can speed through virtually any kind of terrain or aquatic environment, but this is not the only engine feature worth noting. The 750 HDi also comes with electronic fuel injection, which provides several key benefits to equipment owners. First and foremost, EFI makes the utility vehicle a great deal more efficient. Considering the 7-gallon size of its fuel tank, this feature adds up to a real difference in terms of how often the vehicle must be refueled and how expensive it is to do so. Electronic fuel injection also makes it easier to start the UTV in cold weather or at higher altitudes. Electronic fuel injection is part of an overall low-emissions commitment that Argo makes this model and several other HD models that it offers.

An optional high-torque transmission can be added to the vehicle at the time of purchase, giving it even better performance on uneven terrain. Another option available for customization at the time of purchase is the UTV’s exterior color. Argo offers two distinct color groupings. The first group provides bright colors including black, yellow, blue, and red, that are standard on all types of vehicles. A second group includes the “mossy oak infinity camo” pattern and a muted, natural green. These options are designed to blend in with the natural environment, much unlike the other, brighter colors in the mix.

Technical Details: A Look at the 750 HDi’s Impressive Specs

Unlike lower-powered utility vehicles from Argo, the 8×8 750 HDi comes with a Kohler Aegis engine that is quite a bit more powerful than the Kohler Command Pro used in those other options on the market. The 748cc Aegis engine features a four-cycle OHV architecture capable of producing up to 30 horsepower during standard use. This is actually far more powerful than the next-most powerful engine in the Argo lineup. The engine’s added power helps the 750 HDi carry up to 6 passengers on land, or up to 4 passengers on water. A maximum cargo weight of 1,150 pounds applies on land, inclusive of passenger weight. On water, this limit is reduced to 1,000 pounds.

Thanks to a rear-mounted towing hitch, the 750 HDi can easily move heavy equipment across all types of terrain. The company rates this model as having a maximum towing capacity of 1,800 pounds. This is actually quite a bit heavier than other 8×8 700 models in the Argo lineup. As with other Argo utility vehicles, this model can travel in reverse at up to 3 miles per hour and can be driven forward at a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour.

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