Argo 8×8 700 HD EU Overview

Argo 8 x 8 700 EUOne of the great things about Argo UTVs and ATVs is that they’re designed to cater to more than one market or potential buyer. A case in point is the company’s 8×8 700 HD EU utility vehicle, which was designed specifically to meet unique regulations and restrictions put in place by the European Union on this type of vehicle. This UTV is therefore a bit more compact than the American version of the Argo 8×8 700 HD, with slightly lighter maximum capacity ratings that keep it well within European safety guidelines and operational requirements. Even so, this compact model is a great fit for international buyers or those who are simply looking for a slightly more compact utility vehicle to get the job done on both land and water.

Go Anywhere with the 700 HD EU’s Great Features

Available Colors

Though this particular utility vehicle is slightly different in size, stature, and maximum capacity, it offers the same commitment to versatile exploration as all of Argo’s other models. The 8×8 700 HD EU is a fully amphibious vehicle that can be used to haul cargo or tow equipment on land and through water. The equipment features the same 8-wheel design as Argo’s other 8×8 models, giving it a lower center of gravity and added stability as a result. Like the traditional 700 HD utility vehicle, this model comes with an Admiral transmission that allows for independent steering brakes. Drivers will appreciate the more precise steering that comes as an added benefit of this transmission. Passenger will also notice a smoother ride on all kinds of terrain.

For added safety, the 700 HD EU comes with bright headlights that can illuminate a wide swath of land at night. These headlights also serve as key safety mechanisms when using the UTV in broad daylight on a road, giving other motorists advance notification of the smaller vehicle’s presence. Side indicators, marker lamps, and rear-view mirrors are also a standard part of this UTV’s equipment list. Visibility is maximized thanks to these crucial feature additions. A front-mounted horn will help to further increase the 700 HD EU’s visibility when needed most.

As with all Argo utility vehicles, this model features the ability to support additional passengers or quite a bit of additional cargo. In some cases, the vehicle supports up to 1,000 pounds of added weight from a combination of cargo and passengers. This allows the UTV to be an essential way to transport not only other passengers, but heavy equipment that might otherwise be impossible to move. The presence of both a front-mounted and rear-mounted trailer hitch also makes this model useful for hauling trailers and other types of equipment through water, across rough terrain, or simply down the road.

The 700 HD EU is available in a standard selection of Argo colors, including muted “tundra green” and the company’s unique “mossy oak infinity camo” pattern that allows the UTV to easily blend into its surroundings. For customers who aren’t interested in blending into their environment, the company offers black, yellow, blue, and red color options that are quite a bit brighter and more noticeable. This broad selection of colors and patterns makes it easy to personalize the vehicle upon purchase.

Technical Specifications of the Argo 8×8 700 HD EU

Unlike the Argo UTVs targeted to American consumers, the 700 HD EU leaves behind the Kohler Command Pro engine and replaces it with a slightly more compact and efficient Kohler Aegis LH 690 instead. The 674cc LH 690 is no compromise in terms of power, however, with a 24-horsepower rating that actually places it slightly ahead of the engines in other Argo models. When combined with the Admiral transmission and precision steering features, this engine allows the utility vehicle to travel quite fast while handling a significant amount of passenger and cargo weight.

In fact, the UTV can handle up to 1,000 pounds of total added weight when traveling across land. When used on water, this number decreases slightly, to a total of 850 pounds of added weight. Whether on land or water, the vehicle holds a maximum of two people, including the driver. The utility vehicle can be expected to tow equipment that weighs up to 1,400 pounds. This is a pretty impressive part of the 700 HD EU’s technical specifications list. No matter the added weight, the 700 HD EU can travel at a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour when heading forward. This decreases to a maximum of 3 miles per hour in reverse.

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