Argo 8×8 700 HD Amphibious Vehicle

Argo 8x8 700 HDAs a leading manufacturer of utility vehicles, Argo has long been committed to both traditional and amphibious models. The company’s 8×8 700 HD utility vehicle is a fully amphibious option for buyers who intend to use the equipment on both land and water. Its eight wheels, powerful engine, and ample cargo space, all make for a particularly impressive UTV. Power users, and those who like to make sure that their purchase can stand the test of time for as long as possible, will particularly appreciate the wide array of powerful features, add-ons, colors, and other touches that make this UTV a sure bet. Though many options abound from Argo, the 8×8 700 HD is a strong, midrange option for the demanding buyer.

Great Features Make the 700 HD a Great Choice for Most Buyers

Available Colors

The typical UTV buyer is usually stunned by the powerful configurations and unique designs of the Argo lineup, but it’s not just aesthetics that make the 8×8 700 HD model an impressive option. The equipment features eight wheels, precision braking and steering, versatile cargo and passenger configurations, and the ability to be fully customized at the time of purchase. It all starts with this model’s triple-differential Admiral transmission, which allows for independent steering brakes and added stability in off-road environments. Backed by precision steering and a powerful engine, this makes the equipment both much more adaptable and much safer on challenging terrain. High-torque performance further improves the UTVs ability to handle steep grades and uneven land.

Customers who choose this UTV model will benefit from its excellent cargo capacity, which allows for significant gear or equipment storage in a uniquely designed rear cargo bay. They will also love this model’s 6-person passenger capacity when the UTV is used on land, which is certainly ahead of most competitors in this space. Safety of both passengers and cargo is increased by a lower center of gravity than most competing utility vehicles; a lower center of gravity also creates a smoother driving or riding experience when compared to other UTVs.

For buyers who consider themselves a bit more eco-friendly than the average utility vehicle owner, there is even more good news. The 8×8 700 HD model comes with electronic fuel injection, making for a much more efficient engine that uses dramatically less fuel on and off the road. The use of EFI in this model also reduces its emissions during all types of use, leading to a notable reduction in the owner’s carbon footprint over time. Though these might not be the prime selling points of the 8×8 700 HD, they’re certainly an excellent added bonus for buyers who feel an obligation to balance utility with environmental concern.

Customizability is key for most buyers, and this Argo model offers several key color choices. For customers who don’t need to blend in with their surroundings, the company offers black, blue, red, and yellow color options. Where a less noticeable color is required, the Argo 8×8 700 HD offers a muted “Tundra” green and the company’s unique “mossy oak infinity camo” pattern.

The Specs: Technically a Great Utility Vehicle

The many features and benefits of this model would not be possible without a powerful engine under the hood. Luckily, this model delivers. The 8×8 700 HD utility vehicle features a 4-cycle OHV Kohler Command Pro engine capable of 24 horsepower. The engine is liquid cooled, giving it added dependability during even the most challenging UTV outings. The engine supports both electric starting and electronic fuel injection, and works alongside hydraulic brakes and a precision steering system to create a quick and powerful operating experience.

When used on land, this utility vehicle can hold a maximum of 6 passengers; a maximum weight limit of 1,150 pounds applies to both passengers and cargo when used on land. On the water, this model can support up to four passengers with a maximum weight limit of 1,000 pounds. The equipment is also useful for towing other equipment on the road and off, with a maximum towing capacity of 1,800 pounds. With a 7.1-gallon fuel capacity makes the equipment useful for longer trips, even with heavy cargo or towing.

Thanks to the powerful Kohler engine found under the hood, this model can really speed across land and water. Argo estimates that its 8x 700 HD utility vehicle and travel at up to 20 miles per hour when driving forward. In reverse, the equipment can accelerate to a maximum of 3 miles per hour. This will allow quick hauling, exploring, and towing, no matter where equipment operators are headed.

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