Argo 6×6 Frontier EFI

Argo6x6When it comes to off-roading, no vehicle does the job better than a UTV that has been specifically designed to handle challenging terrain and weather conditions. There are many competitors in this space, but Argo is easily one of the best. Its 6×6 Frontier EFI vehicle has been specifically designed to leave the road behind, with a low profile, an engaging design, several color and style choices, and efficient performance that will allow it to travel long distances before requiring a fill-up. The Frontier 6×6 EFI is just one of Argo’s available UTV models, but it’s potentially the most compelling for buyers who need an off-road vehicle with ample storage, up to four passengers, and an impressive six wheels for added traction and stability.

UTV Features: Checking Out the Frontier 6×6 Utility Vehicle

Perhaps the most stunning feature of the Frontier 6×6 EFI utility vehicle is the one that can be found right in its name: six large wheels with high-performance tires. These six wheels offer a great deal of extra traction, stability, and speed, especially when compared with other UTVs that offer a standard, four-wheel configuration. Buyers will be able to more easily navigate tough and uneven terrain with the Frontier EFI for this reason. All six wheels are designed to support wider tires than the usual UTV, giving them the ability to stabilize the vehicle and regulate speed more effectively. They also support the entire body of the UTV, allowing for respectable storage space and cargo capacity when needed.

The 6×6 Frontier EFI can support up to 140 pounds of cargo in its rear storage compartment, which is particularly impressive in light of the compartment’s size. The compartment itself is actually smaller than what can be found on other Argo models, or UTVs from competing manufacturers, yet it shares the same, heavy maximum capacity rating as these other models. The vehicle’s occupant capacity is also respectable, with the UTV supporting up to four people when driven on land. When the UTV is used on the water, this capacity is cut in half, supporting up to two passengers.

As should be expected of any vehicle, utility or otherwise, a choice of colors allows for customization of the UTV to meet any personality type. The vehicle is boldly advertised in yellow for Argo’s promotional materials, but prospective buyers can choose from many other colors, including black, red, blue, green, and a “mossy oak infinity camo” pattern. All of these colors enhance the UTV’s visibility and make it an excellent choice for heavy-duty equipment buyers.

Tech Specs: Performance is Key with the Frontier 6×6

A Kohler Command Pro engine is standard in all models of the Argo 6×6 Frontier EFI, though buyers do have the ability to choose the horsepower of the engine based on their unique needs. The entry-level 6×6 model comes with a 19-horsepower Kohler engine, but customers who require added performance can upgrade to a slightly larger Kohler Command Pro that produces up to 23-horsepower to get through harsher terrain or other challenging conditions.

Load capacity for the Frontier EFI utility vehicle tends to vary based on whether or not the equipment is used on land or in water. On land, the UTV can support up to 700 pounds of passenger and cargo weight, making it an excellent fit for hunting and camping trips, routine off-roading, or other outdoor activities. When used on water, the vehicle’s maximum rated capacity does decrease slightly. In this environment, the Frontier EFI can support up to 500 pounds of total capacity without experiencing any issues. The equipment supports up to 140 pounds in its rear cargo compartment no matter where it is being used.

The vehicle comes with an impressively large fuel tank, capable of holding up to 7.1 gallons of fuel. This fuel capacity allows the Frontier EFI to operate continuously for up to 8 hours, which is actually a significantly longer period than many competing UTVs from other manufacturers. The equipment offers a 9.5-inch ground clearance when its standard six tires are installed, through this clearance improves to 10.5 inches when the tires are replaced with tracks instead. The Frontier EFI weighs in at 880 pounds when it’s free of cargo and passengers; this weight allows it to travel on land at up to 22 miles per hour, with a maximum speed on water of up to 3 miles per hour.

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