Argo 6×6 750 HDi

Argo 6x6 750When it comes to heavy-duty utility vehicles, few companies can compete with Argo’s reputation and its compelling lineup of product. The company’s 6×6 750 HDi utility vehicle, designed as an all-terrain vehicle for leaving the road behind without worry, is an excellent way to safely and effectively explore rough outdoor areas. Unlike most of its competitors, this particular UTV comes with six large and impressive wheels, giving it added stability and making even the toughest terrain no obstacle for this machine.

The 6×6 750 HDi utility vehicle also brings plenty of power to the table, with a commercial-grade Kohler engine that will permit excellent speed and performance in a variety of conditions. Though the options are numerous, Argo’s 6×6 750 HDi should be the top choice for power users and seasoned equipment buyers who know exactly how much power they need to get where they’re going.

Big Features: A Look at the Argo 6×6 750 HDi Utility Vehicle

The most notable feature of the Argo 6×6 series is, in fact, its use of six wheels to get where it’s going. Most competing UTVs opt for a more traditional four-wheel configuration, but this does not bring the added stability that makes the Argo model useful on more challenging terrain, at higher speeds, and in varied weather conditions. In addition to its six-wheel design, the Argo 6×6 series also features support for tracks in place of the wheels. This further enhances its usefulness in all seasons, giving it added traction when and where it is needed the most. The wheels are just the beginning for this UTV model, however.

Under the hood is a 747cc Kohler Command Pro engine that can produce up to 23 horsepower. That’s an impressive horsepower rating for any UTV, and it means that the Argo 750 HDi can travel faster and perform better when it’s scaling steeper grades or navigating uneven land. The vehicle supports two passengers in its front row, with tighter space in the back for two additional passengers. It should be noted that the back area, whether it’s used for passengers or other cargo, does have a maximum weight limit of 140 pounds. This does mean it may be useful for only one passenger, but the weight limit should be able to support a large number of accessories or other cargo on longer trips.

Steering is very precise with this model, thanks in large part to independent brakes for each wheel and a power system that provides constant power to each wheel individually. Precise steering of this magnitude should be considered an excellent, must-have safety feature for buyers who intend for this vehicle to be used on the road or in more challenging conditions. The six-wheel design of this system, along with its unique design, allows for a lower center of gravity that reduces the chance of tipping when the equipment is on a steep hill. This added safety feature is hard to find on many competing models, which typically have high centers of gravity and a low tolerance for climbing steep terrain away from the road.

In addition to its technical features, the Argo 6×6 75 HDi comes in a number of great colors. Personalization will allow each buyer to find the right model for his or her needs, ranging from an essential camouflage design to several vibrant colors that will be easily visible to other vehicles. The camo design is great for buyers who intend to go hunting or spotting with the Argo model, but it’s the choice of other colors that may pull in more casual buyers. The company offers the 750 HDi model in bright blue, red, or yellow colors, as well as black and a subdued green hue that Argo refers to as “tundra.”

Tech Specs: What to Know About the 6×6 750 HDi UTV

A 23-horsepower Kohler Command Pro engine stands out as the most impressive piece of equipment under the hood, but it’s not the only specification that makes this UTV attractive to prospective buyers. Hydraulic brakes, air cooling for the engine, and an electric ignition all factor into the vehicle’s usefulness. The vehicle has a 950-pound shipping weight, and supports up to 140 pounds of equipment or passenger cargo in its rear storage area. Argo’s 750 HDi vehicle supports a total load capacity of 700 pounds on land or 500 pounds on water, ensuring that it can handle virtually any combination of passengers and stored equipment.

A maximum speed of 22 miles per hour, when traveling forward, allows drivers to get where they’re going very quickly. In reverse, a maximum speed of up to 3 miles per hour allows for safe and efficient backup. A total ground clearance of 9.5 inches with the tires, or 10.5 inches with the tracks, ensures that the UTV has both a low center of gravity and a high enough clearance to avoid most rocks and other debris in its path.

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