What to Look for in a String Trimmer

What do you need to look for when you buy a string trimmer? With so many options for heads, engines, and handles, it can get pretty confusing. Here’s how these differences affect performance. 

Handles and Harnesses: Wide Sweeps or Small Areas 

A harness spreads the weight of the trimmer over your shoulders. It connects to the trimmer at its balance point, making it easy to move around. This leaves your hands free to move the trimmer head without the fatigue of carrying it. Harness mounts are a great choice for heavier commercial trimmers, but they can interfere with maneuverability.  

A loop handle lets you hold the trimmer near the center of the shaft with one hand, while the other hand operates the trigger near the engine. This is common on lightweight trimmers that are hand-carried. This setup lets the operator reach into tight spaces, trimming around fences, planters, and other landscape obstacles. 

A bicycle handle has two vertical grips spaced far apart. This gives you more leverage and control, making it ideal for cutting large swaths through thick vegetation. This type of handle is only found on trimmers with harnesses. The harness supports the trimmer, while the handles are only used to control direction. 

Engines: Two-Stroke, Four-Stroke and Somewhere In Between 

Two-stroke engines use a sealed crankshaft to push fuel and air into the engine at the bottom of the piston stroke, while simultaneously pushing exhaust out. This lets the engine fire on every rotation and eliminates the need for a valvetrain. The result is more power and less weight than equivalent four-stroke engines. To keep everything lubricated, oil is mixed with the fuel and burned during the combustion cycle. This lets the engine work at any angle. Two strokes seem ideal for string trimmers, but there are some disadvantages. 

Power delivery is concentrated at the top of the RPM range. If the trimmer bogs down, it can move out of the power band and stall. These engines are also sensitive to stale fuel. Manufacturers recommend using fuel treatment and disposing of fuel that’s over one month old. Some unburnt gas leaves the cylinder during the intake/exhaust stroke, which increases fuel consumption and emissions. Two strokes also don’t last as long as four-stroke engines, so it’s not unusual to wear out a trimmer after a couple seasons. 

There are two alternatives on the market today. Honda’s small-displacement four-stroke has baffles to control oil flow, keeping the engine lubricated, no matter its position. The “2/4 stroke” or “Hybrid 4” engine (used in some Shindaiwa and Echo products) is a four-stroke engine with a two-stroke oiling system. You still need to mix oil with the fuel, but the engine is far less sensitive to stale fuel. With both engines, you get more torque, better fuel efficiency, and a longer engine life at the expense of weight. 

Trimmer Heads 

There are seemingly endless varieties of shapes and sizes of lines. However, you will generally get the best performance by matching the line with the size and density of the grass. Thin lines have no trouble with trimming around lawns, while thick lines and blades work best on overgrown areas. 

Head designs can be divided into three main categories: 

  • Bump heads have a button on the bottom of the head that releases a little bit of line every time it’s hit. This mechanism is cheap and reliable. 
  • Automatic heads have a motor that spins the spool, releasing the line. While not as reliable as a bump head, you never have to stop to release line while trimming. 

Fixed-line heads use pre-cut lengths of line. Once the line wears down, the trimmer has to be shut off, and a new line threaded through the holes. This is used almost exclusively with heavy gauge lines, which can’t be wrapped around a spool. Nylon and metal blades slice through thick vegetation with ease, offering similar performance. 

Some trimmers can be fitted with brushcutter blades. These blades have sharp tips that slice through woody vegetation and saplings. This might be great for ripping through unkempt land and wilderness, but they’re hopeless at cutting regular grass. 

From Home Lawn Care to Professional Landscaping, Shank’s Has the Equipment You Need 

If you need a new string trimmer, talk to the experts at Shank’s Lawn Equipment. We have helped local residential and commercial customers with their outdoor equipment for 35 years. We’re also an authorized dealer for several major trimmer brands, including Honda and Echo. Our shop is at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here, take Exit 10 from I-81. 

Need parts to fix your trimmer? We can ship what you need to any address in the USA or Canada. To order, visit us online at www.shankslawn.com

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Honda EU2200i: The Latest in a Line of Class-Leading Portable Generators

It’s simple: if you want the best generator, you buy a Honda. This continues to be true despite emerging new competitors in the generator market. Why? Because they’re constantly innovating. This applies to the new EU2200i just as it did to its predecessors, which created the inverter generator market. It raises the bar for the segment by improving power, reducing noise, and delivering an overall better ownership experience. 


This generator makes 2,200 watts of peak power and 1,800 watts of sustained power. That’s a 20% increase over the old model. This is an inverter generator, so the power coming out of the sockets is identical to what you get at home. That means it’s safe to power anything, including sensitive electronics. 

The EU2200i has a 20-amp 20R duplex outlet. This outlet has two household sockets, and the full 20 amps can be drawn from a single outlet with the right plug and cable. This is handy for getting power from the generator to the places you need it. Like all generators, you should keep the EU2200i out of enclosed areas and away from buildings to prevent carbon monoxide buildup. To make power generation safer, the new CO-MINDER carbon monoxide detector shuts the engine off automatically if CO levels get too high. 

Honda makes two versions of this generator: the EU2200ITAN is legal in 49 states, while the EU2200iTAG is CARB-approved, and can be sold in California. All models are EPA compliant and come with a USDA-approved spark arrester, making it legal to use in most areas. 

EU2200i Companion: An Unusual Solution for Parallel Connections 

Connecting two small generators with a parallel cable provides the power of a larger generator without the noise. While other manufacturers use a cable with a box that houses high output sockets, Honda opted for a cleaner solution: the Companion. This version of the EU2200i replaces the duplex household outlets with an L5-30R 30-amp RV outlet and a single 15-20R outlet. The RV outlet is only active when two generators are connected together. However, like the standard model, you can draw the Companion’s full output from the single 15-20R socket. 

Like the standard model, it’s offered in two versions: EU2200ITAG1 in California, and EU2200ITAN1 for the rest of the U.S. Aside from the outlets, the standard and Companion generators are identical. 

Quieter and Easier to Live With 

This is the quietest generator you can buy in this size class. It makes only 48 dB of noise at 25% load, and even at 100% load, it just emits 57 dB of noise. That’s about as loud as a refrigerator. 

Power comes from a GXR120 engine, a small commercial model that has proven to be reliable over its years on the market. Oil changes on this engine are easier than most outgoing generators, thanks to a bigger fill opening, longer spout, and larger oil drain gutter. Revisions and updates on the generator improve reliability, including better airflow, a stamped steel insert inside the recoil rope, and improved magnets used for the stator. The result is a cooler engine with better ignition and a more durable starter. 

The build-in fuel tank holds just under a gallon of fuel. This is enough to keep the engine running for three hours and 12 minutes at 50% load, and up to 8.1 hours at 25% load.  A new fuel shutoff mode cuts the fuel supply to the engine instead of cutting the ignition to shut off the generator. This lets the engine burn off the remaining fuel in the carburetor, which reduces issues with stale fuel clogging jets and sticking float bowls. 

Without fuel, this generator weighs only 47 lbs. 


Honda guarantees three years of commercial and residential use for the entire generator, including the engine. 

When You Think “Honda,” Think “Shank’s” 

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a full-service dealer for Honda Engines and Power Equipment. For over 35 years, we’ve helped residential and professional customers with their outdoor equipment. If you’re looking for a new generator, or you need to get your Honda equipment serviced, visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here, take Exit 10 from I-81. 

Need parts, cables or other accessories for your Honda generator? We can ship what you need to any address in the United States or Canada. To order, visit our website, www.shankslawn.com

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The New Woods Turfkeeper Pro Finish Mower

Do you need to clear a lot of land with a better finish than what you can get with a brush mower? Woods’ new Turfkeeper Pro finish mower decks give your tractor the ability to cut fields of grass in no time. Thanks to their deep shells and high lift blades, they can trim and mulch like a standard tractor, so you can get a great finish with one pass. 

Cutting Performance 

The Turfkeeper Pro has features normally reserved for residential mowers. These decks come with high lift blades, plus low lift and mulching blades as well, giving you the choice between fast cuts or fast absorption of clippings back into the soil. The deck is almost 5 ½ inches deep, so there’s plenty of space in the mowing chamber to trim down clippings after the initial cut. The deck is only one inch wider than the total cutting width, maximizing coverage, even around fences and other obstacles. 

The Turfkeeper Pro uses a rear discharge design, spreading out trimmings across the width of the deck. This helps break down mulch and doesn’t leave unsightly clumps behind. Cutting height ranges between 1.5 and 5 inches. 

Built for Durability and Easy Maintenance 

To strengthen the constructed deck shell, Woods added parallel side frames. These add rigidity without increasing the deck’s overall width. A built-in driveline holder keeps the deck’s driveshaft from resting on the ground. It also makes positioning easier when you attach the deck to your tractor. 

The top deck shield is held on by large knobs that can be removed by hand, removing the need for need tools to inspect the belts or spindles. The drive pulleys use cast iron sheaves that reduce belt slip. This increases the life of the already tough Aramid-reinforced belts used on the Turfkeeper. The spring-actuated belt tensioner uses a replaceable ball-bearing pivot, further increasing its service life. 

 Essentials Needed to Use a Turfkeeper Pro Deck 

Depending on the model, you will need a tractor with a CAT 1 or Limited CAT 1 three-point hitch. These decks are also CAT 1 quick hitch ready, requiring no additional hardware. The Turfkeeper uses a floating lower hitch, so there’s no downward pressure placed on the tractor. Cutting height is set by swapping out spacers on the caster arms. 

All three models are designed for PTO’s with up to 50 HP. The smallest deck only needs 15 HP at the PTO. All versions of the Turfkeeper Pro use a CAT 3 driveline. 


Woods offers two ways to upgrade your finish mowing deck: 

Adding chain shielding to the rear of the deck slows exiting debris. This prevents rocks and other hidden obstacles from turning into high-speed projectiles. 

The caster wheels do well on their own navigating terrain. However, if you’re cutting in an unusually hilly area, you can add a front roller to the deck. This pushes the nose up as it approaches inclines, which keeps the deck from scalping the soil. 



  • Compatible with Cat 1 and Limited Cat 1 three-point hitches 
  • 60-inch cutting width 
  • 15-50 PTO HP 


  • Compatible with Cat 1 three-point hitches 
  • 72-inch cutting width 
  • 20-50 PTO HP 


  • Compatible with Cat 1 three-point hitches 
  • 84-inch cutting width 
  • 25-50 PTO HP 


Woods offers a 6-year warranty on the gearbox and a three-year warranty on the spindles. The rest of the mower is guaranteed for one year. 

We’re Serious About Outdoor Equipment 

When you depend on your equipment for your landscaping business, you need to visit Shank’s Lawn Equipment. We have over 35 years of experience selling and repairing commercial-grade equipment, including Woods attachments and Yanmar tractors. If you’re looking for a finish mower, or you need parts and service for your equipment, visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here, take Exit 10 from I-81. 

Need parts or accessories for your Woods equipment? We ship across the United States and Canada. To order, visit us online at www.shankslawn.com

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The New Cub Cadet XT2 Enduro Mower

The new Cub Cadet XT2 Enduro has everything you want from a lawn tractor. Thanks to a complete redesign, this model line has a shorter turning circle, a more comfortable seating position, and a better selection of decks. The new XT2 series also add several small improvements that make these mowers one of the easiest to maintain. 

Standout Features 

Power is supplied by Kawasaki FR Series engines. Though aimed at the residential market, the FR series is based on the company’s commercial engines. Each model in the series has a full pressure lubrication system and cast-iron cylinder liners for durability, as well as a rotating grass screen to help keep the engine clean and cool. The torque curve for these engines is almost flat, making it hard to bog down. 

All models in the XT2 series come with an absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery. These batteries use cells made of lead plates coiled between fiberglass mats. This increases the plate density, adds shock absorption, and prevents battery acid spills. The result is a battery with a longer life, faster charging period, withstands vibrations better, and is safer to transport than a regular plate battery. 

Cub Cadet only offers fabricated AeroForce decks on these models. They’re made by welding together thick steel sheets, making them better at shrugging off impacts. Internal baffles increase vacuum, delivering a cut quality on par with weaker stamped decks. A spring-assisted lever lets the operator change the cutting height from the seat. The deck can be set from a height of one to four inches, with a total of 12 settings within that range. Some models come with FastAttach, a blade mounting system that allows blades to be removed and installed without tools. 

This new lawn tractor line has improved ergonomics, including a new steering wheel and an adjustable spring-mounted seat with bolsters to help the operator stay in place while mowing on steep hills. Better wheel bearings help the XT2 roll smoothly, while a redesigned front axle increases maximum wheel angle, resulting in a 16-inch turning radius. 

All models use Tuff Torque hydrostatic transmissions. Speed is controlled with a foot lever, and it can be set using built-in cruise control. Top speed for all models is 5.5 MPH. LED headlights come standard, offering excellent visibility in low light conditions. 


Cub Cadet makes 6 versions of the XT2 Enduro. 

  • LX42: 18 HP, 42-inch deck 
  • LX 46: 21.5 HP, 46-inch deck 
  • SLX54: 21.5 HP, 52-inch deck with FastAttach 
  • SLX50: 21.5 HP, 50-inch deck with FastAttach 
  • GX54 D: 24 HP, 52-inch deck with FastAttach 
  • GX50: 23 HP, 50-inch deck with FastAttach 


While these are great mowers on their own, the XT2 series can be outfitted with accessories that let them tackle common landscaping tasks – ranging from leaf collection to snow removal. 

Want more cutting options? There’s a double bagger collection system for leaf and clipping pickup, as well as a mulching kit that includes baffles and high lift blades. Add a rear sprayer, and you can apply herbicides, pesticides, and liquid fertilizer. 

Want a machine you can use in winter? Cub Cadet makes a 42-inch snowblower for these models. It uses the company’s three-stage system, which adds an impeller to break up chunks of snow before it’s pushed through the chute. You can also install a snow cab for weather protection while you’re clearing snow. Suitcase weights and tire chains are available for more stability and traction. 

Want weather protection in the summer? Cub Cadet offers two designs of sun shades. 

Do you mow around trees and bushes? You can protect your mower’s front end by installing a brush guard. 

Want to move materials with your XT2? Cub Cadet’s hauler trailer has foldable sides, converting it as a bucket for loose materials, or as a flatbed for maximum space. There’s also a rear cargo bed that attaches to the rear hitch, so you can haul supplies without maneuvering a trailer. 


Kawasaki guarantees their FR Series engines for three years. 

Cub Cadet offers a 5-year limited warranty on the frame and front axle, a lifetime warranty on deck shell, and a three-year warranty with unlimited hours for the rest of the mower. These guarantees are for residential use only. 

When You Need Help with Your Equipment, Visit Shank’s 

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is more than just a Cub Cadet dealer. We have over 35 years of experience helping local residential and commercial customers with their mowers and outdoor equipment. If you need a new mower, or you need help fixing your current lawn tractor, come visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here, take Exit 10 from I-81. 

Need parts or accessories for your Cub Cadet? We ship across the United States and Canada. To order, visit us online at www.shankslawn.com

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Demystifying Water Pump Terminology

Buying a water pump can be downright confusing. Instead of simply buying by engine size or flow rate, there are several factors to consider, including pressure, head and water type. What do all these terms mean, and what do you need to look for to get the right pump for your needs?

What is Head, and How Does it Affect Performance?

Head is the pump’s maximum pumping height. Static head is the theoretical maximum height a pump can move water. Dynamic head takes friction into account, compensating for losses from hoses, fittings, strainers and other parts connected to the pump. Dynamic head figures that are quoted by manufacturers are based on hoses and other parts included with that model. If you add accessories or use different hoses, it will affect performance.

Head can be split into suction head, the height between the body of water being drained and pump, and discharge head, the height difference between the pump and the end of the discharge hose. If you drop a hose in the water, it fills up to the body of water’s surface level. That means suction head is measured from the water surface to the pump, since that’s where it has to start pumping. The discharge head is the height difference between the pump and the height of the discharge hose.

Pump pressure is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). You can calculate pressure by multiplying the total head in feet by 0.433. If you have a total head of 10 feet, the pump is generating 4.333 PSI.

You may be surprised to see that most pumps have a maximum total head of 26 feet. That’s because centrifugal pumps depend on atmospheric pressure to help pull water through the pump. Since air is less dense at higher altitudes, there’s less atmospheric pressure. On average, the pump’s maximum head decreases by two feet for every 1,000 foot increase in elevation. Positive displacement pumps use a sealed chamber with a piston to move water. These aren’t affected by atmospheric pressure, but they’re also less efficient.

What’s the Difference Between Standard, Self-Priming and Trash Pumps?

A standard pump is only built to move water. Water must be added to the volute case before starting, or it won’t be able to draw water through the hose.

A self-priming pump isn’t just water tight, it’s also air tight. This lets it pump air through the hoses until water reaches the volute case.

A trash pump has a heavy-duty pump seal and extra space between the impeller and volute case. This lets rocks and other debris pass through without damaging the pump.

Cavitation and Water Hammering

Pressure increases suddenly as water moves between the suction and discharge sides of the pump’s volute case. This is balanced out by using a large intake and matching hose. However, if the water flow is out of balance, it can cause cavitation. This creates vacuum bubbles that exert massive amounts of force on the impeller, splitting it apart. Cavitation is usually caused by using hoses that are too small.

If the discharge hose is blocked, water flow stops, increasing pressure through the hose up to the impeller. The resulting pressure wave is called “water hammer.” This wave can damage the volute case and seals.

Where Can I Get a Quality Water Pump?

Shank’s Lawn Equipment carries the full line of Honda Power Equipment pumps, including everything from 50cc watering pumps to large industrial trash pumps. We service everything we sell, and we carry all the OEM parts and accessories you need for your equipment. Visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. You can also order parts and accessories for your pump by visiting our website, www.shankslawn.com. We ship across the United States and Canada.

Billy Goat’s New Vanguard Single Cylinder Powered Equipment
Honda’s GX Series dominates the commercial market, especially now that Subaru has shut down their small engine division. However, Vanguard is aiming to change that with their new line of single cylinder engines. They bring the improvements that have made their V-Twins the leading choice for large commercial mowers and tractors. This new engine is being added to several Billy Goat models, including the AE402V, PL1802V and PL2501SPV aerators as well as F1402V and F1402SPV blowers.

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Outfitting Your Snowdog Power Sled

Snowmobiles are great for winter fun, but they’re big, heavy, thirsty and expensive. If you’re looking for something more affordable and manageable, a Snowdog is a great alternative. Modeled after dog sleds, these machines can be used on their own, or in combination with trailers and other accessories. This makes it easy to transport cargo and people, and they can even be used to maintain snow trails. Here are some of the ways you can outfit your motorized sled.

Cargo and Passenger Accessories

Sled: While the sled may look like a simple composite bucket, it has rails built into the bottom to glide over snow and ice. This keeps the center of gravity low for stability. A damper device built into the hitch keeps the sled from jiggling around when accelerating and braking. You can outfit the sled with narrower steel skates for better performance on ice.

Standard chair: This heavy-duty chair has a built-in hand rail. One passenger can sit in the chair, while a second passenger can stand behind them.

Rotating chair: If you prefer comfort over capacity, Snowdog makes a rotating seat without the hand rail. This rotating chair has built-in storage for drinks and small items.

Cargo semi-trailer: This trailer comes with the standard chair from the factory. It rides on low pressure tires, allowing it to be used year-round to carry people and cargo. The back of the trailer folds down, so it can be used to carry boards, skis and other long items.

Sport semi-trailer: This is a stand-on trailer that functions like a sulky on a commercial walk-behind mower. It gives you a more comfortable platform to stand on, providing a clear view of the surrounding area while operating your vehicle. This chariot uses the same low pressure tires as the cargo semi-trailer. It has a hitch on the back to connect additional cargo or passenger trailers.

Snowdog Upgrades

Handlebar warmer mitts: These mitts are made from three layers of waterproof Oxford fabric. They have plenty of room to let you reach the controls while shielding your hands from snow and wind. Snowdog offers these in plain black and a white camo pattern that blends in with winter forests.

Handlebar bag: This bag is made from the same fabric as the mitts, and is offered in the same color options. It has a transparent window sewn into the top that protects your phone or navigation device while keeping the screen visible.

Slider suspension: This replaces the sprung wheels that support the bottom of your Snowdog’s tracks. By adding full length support, this suspension improves traction on deep snow.

Snow Maintenance

Groomers: The low ground pressure of a Snowdog makes it an ideal vehicle for dragging a groomer. These devices use a weighted flat plate to smooth out snow for recreational use. There are two versions available:

The ski trail groomer compacts snow, preparing trails for cross-country skiing. It creates a wide compacted snow surface.

The single track groomer prepares single track trails. The groomer by itself is 20.5 inches wide, extending to 34 inches wide when used with the included side panels. This groomer is ideal for preparing fat tire bike trails.

Shank’s Lawn is Your Source for Winter Power Equipment

Shank’s Lawn Equipment has more than lawnmowers and string trimmers. We carry a wide assortment of snow clearing equipment and accessories from brands like Honda, MultiOne, Cub Cadet, Woods and more. If you’re looking for something fun, we also carry Snowdog power sleds and Argo amphibious ATVs. Visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA, or see what we offer at www.shankslawn.com. We can ship parts and accessories for everything we carry to any address in the U.S. or Canada.

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Solving Common Winter Problems for Outdoor Equipment

It should be no surprise if you have trouble with your equipment now and then, but winter adds extra problems, thanks to ice, snow, cold and long term storage. These tips will help you address common issues, whether your snowblower isn’t working, you have failing batteries, or you need to run your mower to just long enough to move it out of the way.

Starting in Cold Weather

Small engines need longer to warm up than normal, especially if they’re built for summer use. If the engine has a manual choke, open it slowly after starting. The engine is warm when it runs smoothly with the choke fully open.

Are you using the right oil for the current weather? Thick oil also makes the engine harder to turn over. Synthetic oils may be stable at lower temperatures, but you should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for viscosity. For example, Vanguard recommends their 15W40 synthetic oil for all temperatures, but Honda still recommends thinner oil in the winter, whether it’s synthetic or conventional.

Keeping Batteries from Dying

Most issues with dead and weak batteries can be solved with proper care:

– Store batteries in a climate controlled area when possible
– Connect the battery to a trickle charger, or give it a full charge every month or two
– Disconnect the battery while in storage to prevent drain from phantom loads.

Your Snowblower Augers aren’t Spinning

Snowblowers use shear pins and belts as sacrificial parts. If the auger jams, the shear pins break before the force damages the drive system. Likewise, drive belts will stretch and break before the engine is harmed.

To check these parts, start by shutting off the engine and let all moving parts come to a complete stop. Use a clean out tool to remove any snow or ice packed into the auger housing and discharge chute. If your snowblower doesn’t have a cleanout tool, use a stick or piece of wood, not your hand. The auger is very sharp, and it’s easy to get fingers pinched between the auger and the housing.

Once everything is clear, check the shear pins. These are located on the ends of the auger and chute impeller, both at the edges of the housing and next to the transmission. Replace these as needed. If they still won’t turn, check the drive belt and clutch mechanism for wear and damage.

How Do I Safely Move Stored Equipment?

Start by checking the air cleaner box. This is a common target for squirrels, mice and other rodents.

Air up the tires. If you move them while they’re low on air, you could roll them off of the bead. You can usually find the recommended tire pressure on the sidewall. Need to seat the tire on the bead? If air pressure isn’t enough, wrap a ratchet strap around the center of the tread and tighten it down. This pushes the sidewalls out, helping the tire make contact with the rim when inflating.

If the fuel tank is empty, add just enough fuel to run the engine for a few minutes. Remove the gas once you’re done running your equipment to prevent stale fuel problems.

Push the equipment out of the building and start the engine. Don’t be surprised if you see smoke. This is normal if you added oil directly to the cylinder before storage. You may also see smoke if you previously coated unpainted parts with fogging oil.

Need Help with Your Outdoor Equipment?

Shank’s Lawn Equipment sells and services most major equipment brands, including Honda, Cub Cadet, Exmark, MultiOne, Scag, Woods, Wright and more. If you’re looking for new snow clearing equipment, or you need help getting your other equipment running, come see us. We’re located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. You can also check our current inventory and order parts and accessories for your equipment at our website, www.shankslawn.com.

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Using Your MultiOne Mini Loader for Snow Removal

The best feature of a MultiOne mini loader is its compatibility with a long list of attachments. You can get everything from a simple front loader bucket to task-specific tools like beehive forks and feed dispensers. Naturally, there are also ways you can use your MultiOne to tackle winter weather. These attachments give your loader the ability to move snow, scrape off ice and lay down traction and ice melting materials.

Snow Blower

The snow blower attachment has two stages: it has an auger that picks up snow and an impeller to push it though the chute. The chute rotates 200 degrees, and can be controlled from the operator’s position. The chute also has a manual angle adjuster, which controls how far snow exits the machine. MultiOne makes 6 versions of this attachment with widths ranging from 39.4 to 70.9 inches.

Snow Plow

This plow uses a two piece design that folds and tilts for different uses. Turning the plow up to 30 degrees right or left pushes snow to the side. Tilt the sides back, and the V-shaped point can bust through tall and heavy snow. Using the plow with a straight surface makes it easy to push snow into piles. Swinging the sides forward forms a scoop to give the pile its final shape. The sections are controlled hydraulically from the operator controls, so it’s easy to switch modes.

Plow Blade

The plow blade uses spring mounts for attachment. This helps it resist shock, and lets the edge trip over objects, reducing wear and tear. MultiOne makes three versions with widths ranging from 50 to 90 inches. Extension wings are available if you need a wider plow.

Snow Blade

This attachment works like the snow plow, but it’s one solid surface. It rotates 30 degrees left and right. This blade works well for light accumulation on driveways and sidewalks, where you just need to push the snow off into the grass. Your mini loader must have a floating boom valve installed to use this attachment.

Salt and Sand Spreader

This unit has a bucket that holds up to 441 lbs. of ice melt or traction material. It drops this material across a 180 degree arc up to 23 feet in width. MultiOne makes a boom-mounted version, as well as a towable version. The towable spreader uses an axle gear to operate the spinner plate, so it only drops material when in motion.

Rotary Broom

This broom has bristles that scrape off compacted snow, mud and ice off of pavement, creating a clean surface. It rotates 30 degrees left and right, pushing lifted dirt and snow to the side. Adjustable casters on the ends of the broom make it easy to get the right working height, even as the bristles wear down. This broom is available in 44.5 and 54.7 inch widths. Like the snow blade, you’ll need a floating boom valve to use this attachment.

Light Material Bucket

While this is intended to be a general purpose bucket, it’s perfect for picking up snow. There are four buckets available with widths ranging from 43-71 inches. All buckets are 30 inches high and 30 inches deep.

Get More from Your MultiOne

With dozens of attachments available, a MultiOne mini loader can do just about every job you can think of, from snow clearing to construction and farming. If you want one of these machines, or you want to outfit it for more uses, visit Shank’s Lawn Equipment. We’re a full service MultiOne dealer. Our shop is located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. We also ship parts and accessories for these machines across the United States and Canada. To order, visit our website, www.shankslawn.com.

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Woods Brushbull Single Spindle Rotary Cutters

When you need to clear thick brush, a mower deck isn’t going to cut it. Woods Equipment’s single spindle brushbill rotary cutters deliver the power you need in a size that works with small and medium tractors. Their thick blades and heavy-duty decks are perfect for clearing land, slicing through brush and saplings with ease. A recent redesign brings easier maintenance and a longer lasting gearbox to the line.
What’s New for Woods’ Rotary Cutter Line?
Woods completely redesigned their line of single spindle cutters, making them more durable, easier to use, and easier to maintain.
The deck top now has a large blade access hole. The blades are mounted on greasable quick change pins that can be accessed from this hole. As a result, blades can be removed and installed without needing access to the underside of the deck.
An adjustable driveline hanger is now standard on all models. This keeps the driveline close to the level  of the PTO. When you’re ready to connect to the cutter, you only need to lift the driveline an inch or two to make the connection.
A new corner angle back provides extra space for tractor tires, so you can lift the cutter up high without worrying about rubbing. Replaceable full length bolt-on skid shoes protect the bottom edge of the deck. Heavy-duty models have shoes with builtin height adjustment.
The deck top is sloped, which helps debris slide off. Look underneath, and you’ll find baffles around the rear of the deck. This increases vacuum for better cut quality. All versions of the brushbill cutter use ½ x 4 inch blades. Woods offers optional chain shielding that wraps around the back of the deck to deflect debris.
The rear is protected by a steel bumper that is twice as thick as competitors. This bumper is supported by a Z-channel frame for extra strength and durability.
The gearbox is a new, stronger design with a longer service life. Woods has increased the gearbox warranty to 6 years. This covers everything including the seals.
Depending on the model, these brush cutters can connect to CAT 1 or 2 three point hitches. All models are quick hitch compatible, and they’re designed for a PTO speed of 540 RPM.
Works with CAT 1 hitches
Cuts brush up to 2 inches in diameter
10.5 inch deep deck
Gearbox rated for 65 HP
48 inch cutting width, 55 inch transport width
Works with CAT 1 hitches
Cuts brush up to 2 inches in diameter
10.5 inch deep deck
Gearbox rated for 65 HP
60 inch cutting width, 67.3 inch transport width
Works with CAT 1 and CAT 2 hitches
Cuts brush up to 3 inches in diameter
12.7 inch deep deck
Gearbox rated for 150 HP
60 inch cutting width, 67.3 inch transport width
Works with CAT 1 and CAT 2 hitches
Cuts brush and saplings up to four inches in diameter
12.7 inch deep deck
Gearbox rated for 210 HP
60 inch cutting width, 67.3 inch transport width
Get the Professional Support You Need for Your Professional Equipment’s
Shank’s Lawn Equipment has been helping professional landscapers with their equipment since 1985. We can set you up with a brush cutter that fits your needs, and take care of the parts and repairs you need to keep it working. If you need something that can tackle the toughest landscaping jobs, stop by our shop at at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. You can also visit us online at www.shankslawn.com. Here, you can see the equipment we have in stock, and you can order parts and accessories for anything we sell. We can ship your order to any address in the U.S. or Canada.

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Cub Cadet Hydro Walk-Behind Mowers

When you mow lawns for a living, you often find yourself dealing with two extremes. Lawn tractors and ZTRs can make quick work of large spaces, but they can’t get into areas that are surrounded by landscape features and buildings. Walk behind mowers can get into these spaces, but they’re slow. Cub Cadet hydro walk-behind mowers are designed to strike a balance between these two extremes. Their delicate controls and compact size help them get to places other mowers can’t reach, yet they’re also fast enough for wide open spaces.
All models in the Hydro Walk-Behind series are powered by Kawasaki’s FS481V V-twin. This 603cc engine produces 14.5 HP. An hour meter on the control panel makes it easy to keep track of maintenance.
The Pro HW series uses a pair of Hydro-Gear ZT 2800 hydrostatic motors. These commercial quality units can propel the mower to a top speed of 7 MPH going forward, and 3 MPH in reverse. A speed control lever allows the operator to adjust the mower’s top speed. This way, it can be limited to walking speeds when using the mower as a walk-behind, or when trimming around obstacles. Connect a one or two-wheel sulky, and the mower’s full speed can be put to use. The HW has a large pad mounted to the control tower, so the operator can lean against it when using a sulky. The drive system also has cruise control for wide open areas.
Normally, making tracking adjustments is a lengthy process. You have to stop and start the hydraulic motors repeatedly, while using a screwdriver to make tiny adjustments to the hydrostatic motor valves.  These mowers have a single adjustment knob under the dash. If the mower starts to pull in one direction, just turn the knob to compensate.
A Solution for Fine Control
Stiction is a major obstacle when it comes to fine control of hydraulic systems. It takes considerably more effort to get a control lever to start moving than it does to keep it moving. If you’re using a front loader on the tractor, this movement can make the bucket jump around. If you’re using the drive controls on a mower, that sudden motion can push the deck into landscaping instead of around it.
Cub Cadet addresses this issue by using ball bearing linkages for the hydrostatic drive levers. This all but eliminates friction between the levers and the drive motors for smooth engagement. The result is a fine level of control that matches that of a push mower.
The fabricated deck shell is made from 10 gauge steel with 7 gauge reinforcements along the bottom edges and deck top. The spindles are completely sealed, making them maintenance free. These decks are fitted with Marbain blades. This proprietary alloy resists wear longer than other blade materials.
The decks on these mowers have 7 cutting height positions ranging from 1.5 to 4.5 inches.
All versions of the Pro HW are identical, aside from the deck size.
Pro HW 336: 36 inch deck
Pro HW 348: 48 inch deck
Pro HW 354: 54 inch deck
We Can Help You Find the Perfect Mower
Shank’s Lawn Equipment has helped professionals with their outdoor equipment for over 35 years. We carry most commercial lawn mower brands, including Honda, Cub Cadet, Exmark and Scag. If you need a new mower, or you need help with your current mowers, visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA.
We also ship OEM parts and accessories for every brand we carry. If you live in the U.S. or Canada, you can order from us by visiting our website, www.shankslawn.com.

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