Scag Skid Mount Truck Loaders

Scag Skid Mount Truck LoaderIt’s one thing to group lawn debris into easily managed piles, but it’s something else entirely to actually remove that debris from the lawn and dispose of it properly. Offered as the perfect companion to Scag’s Giant-Vac blowers, the company’s Skid Mount Truck Loader is designed to process and remove accumulated debris from the lawn with ease. The equipment works by vacuuming debris from the surface of the lawn, processing it through an impressively thick impeller assembly, and then discharging it into a truck bed or another type of storage container.

Exciting Features Make the Truck Loader Intuitive to Use

Scag has created a great truck loader for those who need the equipment to be firmly mounted during operation, not towed behind a vehicle between various job sites. The company is aware, however, that moving the equipment between various locations will likely be required when handling very large lawns and commercial areas. For this reason, the Skid Mounted Truck Loader comes with a few easy ways to pack up and move. The first of these is a movable intake hose arm that can be clamped down and held in place while hauling. The intake hose itself can be removed and hauled separately. The discharge tube can be loosened and stowed along the side of the truck loader in order to reduce its footprint.

When not being transported between job sites, the operational features of this model allow for easier and quicker debris processing than many competing options. It all starts with powerful vacuum technology. The included intake hose has a 10-inch diameter that can handle fall foliage, smaller twigs, and larger limbs. The impeller blades, which are nearly a half-inch thick, slice through even the most challenging debris and turn it into fine mulch. Thanks to the flexible design of the discharge tube, debris can be precisely directed into a truck bed for easy disposal or further processing. This adjustable tube also allows for mid-task adjustment, helping to create an even layer of debris in the truck bed that is easier to haul and manage.

This truck loader is all about easier access and more intuitive use, starting with the multiple lift points built into the intake hose. Operators can hold the hose in one of several different positions using integrated handles, so that they can more easily offset the heavy weight of both the hose and larger types of debris. Easier access to the engine is made possible with the removal of a single panel, while a two-piece debris shaft makes for easy disassembly and troubleshooting.

Powerful Processing is a Product of Excellent Technical Specifications

The key consideration that must be made when purchasing a truck loader is whether or not its included engine and impeller can truly handle larger types of debris scattered around the lawn. This is a concern that the Scag truck loader addresses with ease. An 18-horsepower, V-twin Vanguard engine ships with each model. This engine is commonly used in light commercial applications.

The Vanguard engine is notoriously efficient, sipping fuel from the 1.75-gallon fuel tank and allowing several consecutive hours of uninterrupted use. Despite its reputation for efficiency, the engine still manages to power a four-blade impeller system made from durable, welded steel. Each of these four blades measures an impressive 3/8-inch thick.

Most of the truck loader, including the blower housing, is made from 10 gauge steel. The intake nozzle, which generally experiences a higher level of stress than any other part of the truck loader, comes with 16 gauge steel that is even less likely to warp, bend, or dent. This model weighs 437 pounds and measures just less than 75 inches tall. An overall footprint of 40 inches wide and 40 inches long makes for easy trailer storage alongside other common landscaping tools.

Some prospective buyers likely see the truck loader’s rated weight as a significant impediment to loading and hauling the equipment between job sites. Transport-friendly features, including the ability to quickly release the top of the blower housing, the intake hose, the discharge tube and the skid mounts, reduce both the weight and footprint of this model and should ease such concerns.

Find Scag Equipment and Parts at Shank’s Lawn Equipment

Scag makes one of the best truck loaders on the market. Whether it’s the powerful engine, the numerous features that make transportation easier, or the ability to handle very large pieces of organic debris, many commercial and residential buyers will find exactly what they’re looking for in this model. Shank’s Lawn Equipment is the perfect partner when shopping for one of these powerful truck loaders. Located just off Interstate 81 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Shank’s Lawn Equipment carries the full Scag truck loader lineup and offers a full list of OEM replacement parts for this model and many others.

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