ECHO Bear Cat Wheeled Trimmers

ECHO Bear Cat Wheeled Trimmers

When it comes to clearing land, nothing can beat the power and maneuverability of a wheeled trimmer. Big engines and tough cutting heads make quick work of tall grass, branches and small trees that would stop a regular mower or string trimmer. Echo Bear Cat makes a range of trimmers that are perfect for users ranging from residential owners who need to clean out woods and pastures to equipment rental businesses who supply professionals.


Echo’s wheeled trimmers have a 12 gauge steel body that fully encloses the drive system. The wheels mount on the axles with sealed bearings for years of trouble-free use, and the whole unit is designed to be stable enough to operate continuously on slopes up to 15 degrees. With the stock cutting head, the trimmer has a 24-inch cutting swath, three inches wider than the machine itself.


Echo Bear Cat offers their trimmers with a choice of four engines.
Briggs & Stratton’s EXi is built to be as easy to use and maintain as possible. There’s no need to prime or set a choke before starting, and improvements throughout the engine from air filtration to cooling all but eliminate the need for oil changes.

The 190cc Quantum comes from Briggs & Stratton’s Professional line. This prosumer model bridges the gap between their residential and Vanguard professional lines.

Like the Quantum, Honda’s GC-Series offers professional quality with consumer ease of use. A lightweight overhead cam valvetrain cuts down on noise, while an automatic decompression system makes the engine easy to start.

The Subaru EA-Series is a commercial engine backed by a 5-year warranty, the longest in the industry. Like Honda’s GC-Series, it has an overhead cam design which makes it quiet and efficient. A fully pressurized lubrication system reduces wear on internal components.

Cutting Options

These models come with a mow ball that uses lengths of .155 mil nylon string. This ball is made from heat treated metal for durability. If you’re working around dry areas, Echo offers a plastic-bodied version that won’t produce sparks when bumping against pavement and rocks. For closer cuts, the Proline head replaces the ball with a flat disc.

Need more cutting power? The triple blade brush cutter goes through heavy weeds with ease, while the Saber Tooth blade can cut saplings up to 4 inches in diameter.

High Wheel Trimmers

Large wheels make these trimmers easy to move, while a composite guard deflects debris away from the operator. These models can operate at an offset of up to 13 degrees. This helps the trimmer reach tight quarters and cut under decks, fences and other obstructions. Echo Bear Cat makes three versions, letting you pick your preferred powerplant:

HWXH — 160cc Honda GC-Series

HWXB — 163cc Briggs & Stratton EXi

HWTB — 190cc Briggs & Stratton Quantum

Wheeled Trimmer

Built for professional use, these trimmers come with metal guards to deflect rocks, twigs and other hard debris. Except for the WT189, all models are powered by a 190cc Briggs & Stratton Quantum Professional Series engine.

This basic model has the same infinitely adjustable offset as the high wheel models.

This trimmer is powered by a Subaru EA190V.

A tilt mechanism allows the left side of the machine to be pointed downward at a 5,10 or 13-degree angle. This lets the cutting head reach into trenches and drainage ditches to get a consistent cut height.

This model comes with a self-propulsion system that has three forward speeds, making it easier to tackle large jobs.

Is an Echo Bear Cat Wheeled Trimmer Right for You?

If you’re interested in one of these trimmers, or you need service or parts for your Echo Bear Cat equipment, visit Shank’s Lawn Equipment. We’re a certified dealer for Echo and their manufacturing partners, and we have over 30 years of experience helping businesses and homeowners with their lawn care tools. Our shop is at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here from Interstate 80, take Exit 10/Marion and drive East one mile.

No matter where you are in the U.S. or Canada, we can ship the parts and accessories you need for your Echo Bear Cat equipment. To order, visit us online at

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ECHO Bear Cat Water Pumps

ECHO Bear Cat Water Pumps

If you need a lightweight solution for construction dewatering or firefighting, Echo Bear Cat has the pumps you need. Built for portability, these Honda-powered pumps are protected by steel frames, making them easy to transport and deploy. From draining stormwater to putting out small fires, there’s a model that’s perfect for your application.


Echo uses Honda GX-series engines in their pumps. A high-efficiency design, automatic decompression system, and low noise make them a great choice for a range of applications. When it comes to pumps, the best feature is Oil Alert. Unlike most equipment, pumps see hours of continuous use, and it’s easy to forget to check the oil level, especially when you need to stop flooding. This makes the engine susceptible to oil burn off that can leave internal components unprotected. The Oil Alert system prevents this problem by cutting off the ignition when the oil level is too low. This protects the engine and lets you remedy the situation immediately instead of having the pump break in the middle of a job.


All pumps except the fire cart use an aluminum centrifugal pump with a cast iron impeller. This combination creates a total head of 85 feet with a suction head of 26 feet. This includes both water pumps and trash pumps.

These pumps use inlets and outlets that have MNTP standard threads, making them compatible with off-the-shelf hoses and ends. Hoses are included with the fire cart, while Echo lets buyers choose the right hose combination to fit their needs when buying their other pumps. The pump and engine are housed in a metal frame, protecting them during transport and use.

Water Pumps

Powered by a GX200, this model has two-inch intake and outlet connections. It can pump up to 158 Gallons Per Minute (GPM.) It weighs 55 lbs.

Although it uses the same engine and head as the WP2158, a larger pump and three-inch ports increase maximum pump volume to 264 GPM. Weight increases to 67 lbs.

A GX390 paired with four-inch ports lets this model pump 422 GPM. It weighs 112 lbs.

Trash Pumps

Not sure what you’re pumping? Trash pumps are designed to lift small solid objects as well as water without damaging the pump’s case or impeller.

TP2156 and TP2158
These models both have a two-inch intake and outlet ports, they’re both powered by the GX200, and they can both handle solids up to 5/8 inch in diameter. The TP2156 has a flow rate of 156 GPM, while the TP2158 has a slight edge at 158 GPM. The TP2158 also has a split case that’s easy to open for cleaning. Both models weigh 90 lbs.

TP3264 and TP3266
With three inch inlets and outlets, these pumps can handle solids up to one inch in diameter. The TP3264 is powered by a GX200 and can pump up to 264 GPM. The TP3266 uses a GX270 and can pump up to 266 GPM.

Need more power? This model pairs a GX390 with a pump that uses 4-inch ports to move water at a rate of 361 GPM. Like the three inch models, it can handle solids up to one inch.

FP2126 Fire Cart
This model puts the engine and pump into a cart with large 5 spoke wheels, making it easy to move over uneven terrain. Weight is saved by using a pump with an aluminum impeller and housing, but the volute case is still cast iron. This model comes with a 50 foot by 1.5-inch fire hose, a fire nozzle and a 12 foot by 2-inch suction hose with a foot valve. These hoses can be wrapped onto the frame for transport.

A GX200 operates the pump, producing a flow of 126 GPM at up to 85 PSI. It uses two-inch intake and outlet connections. To get a better reach than standard models, this pump is designed to provide a total lift of 197 feet with
26 feet of suction lift. A priming jug is included for quick startup.


Echo Bear Cat guarantees these pumps for three years of commercial use, and Honda offers a similar three-year warranty on their GX-series engines.

For Everything Echo Bear Cat, Visit Shank’s Lawn

Whether you’re looking for a pump or need to have one serviced, visit Shank’s Lawn Equipment. We’re a certified dealer for Echo Bear Cat and Honda Engines, and we have over 30 years of experience helping professionals with their outdoor equipment. We’re located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s just off I-80 near Marion.

Not in the area? We can ship the parts and accessories you need to any address in the U.S. or Canada. To order, visit us online at

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Exmark Slicer Seeder

Exmark Slicer SeederSpring and fall, overseeding is the same process: remove thatch, cut the soil and lay down seed. Combination vertislicer/seeders have been around for a while, but eXmark’s Slicer Seeder can slice, seed and dethatch at the same time, completing all three steps in one pass. This saves time and eliminates the need for purpose-built machines for each job.

Verticutting and Dethatching

This unit uses a 20-inch reel lined with high carbon steel blades that serve two duties. The hardened blade surfaces cut through soil, leaving narrow trenches up to one inch deep. As these blades move out of the soil, the notches between them grab onto thatch, pulling it away from the turf. This effectively cleans off the surface and provides seeds with entry into the soil in one step. The blades can also be raised to pass over the soil so they can dethatch while leaving the turf intact.


The Slicer Seeder has a large steel hopper that can carry up to 40 lbs. of seed. That’s enough to overseed a quarter of an acre with most seed blends. The mixer at the base of the hopper is linked to the hydrostatic drive. This regulates the drop rate so coverage is consistent no matter how fast or slow the device is moving.


The Slicer Seeder is powered by a Subaru EX27, a 9 hp overhead cam engine built for the needs of commercial users. Its overhead cam design produces 35% less vibration than other engines in this segment, and it reduces the number of valvetrain components, greatly reducing starting effort. It also has a full pressure lubrication system with a built-in rotary oil pump, a feature rarely seen on engines this size. Subaru is so confident about this design that they offer the longest warranty in the industry. This engine powers a hydrostatic drive that has a top speed of 3.8 mph.


The seed drop rate is set using a clearly marked gate adjustment lever at the front of the hopper. Not sure what drop rate you need? There’s a handy chart on the side of the seeder listing rates for different kinds of turf. A side-mounted lever adjusts the height of slicer shaft to get the right depth to plant the seeds. Once loaded, the operator can control the engagement of the blades and hopper as well as the throttle and drive speed using a set of levers on the handles.
Once the job is done, lever pulls on the back of the unit can engage the parking brake to keep the Slicer Seeder from rolling or disengage the drive system, letting the machine roll freely.


Outdoor equipment is only useful if you can get it where you need it. With a total width of 30 inches, this machine can roll through small gates so you can cover both front and back lawns. When it’s time to move between job sites, integrated lift handles make it easy to get this machine onto trailers. A folding handle reduces the slicer seeder’s footprint, and since it’s secured with metal loops, it’s easier to fold and unfold than a screw-secured handle.


The Slicer Seeder is covered by eXmark for one year of residential or commercial use. Subaru guarantees the EX27 for 5 years of commercial use.

Looking for a Better Way to Seed?

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a certified eXmark and Subaru Power dealer, so we don’t just sell these products, we can provide the parts, service, and support you need to keep your equipment working. If you think a Slicer Seeder is right for you or you need your equipment serviced, visit our shop, located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s one mile East of I-81 from Exit 10.

We also ship parts and accessories to the U.S. and Canada. If you need to repair your eXmark, visit our website,

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Exmark Stand-On Spreader/Sprayer

Exmark Stand-On Spreader/Sprayer

Need to spread seed, fertilizer and lawn chemicals? Wish there was a way to do it that was faster than walk-behind spreaders and less awkward than trailers? Then the eXmark Spreader Sprayer may be just what you need. By combining a stand-on design with a hopper and pump system, it has the maneuverability of a walk-behind without compromising speed.

Comfort and Control

This model comes with a unique lean-to-steer system. Speed is controlled like a stander mower, combining a lever with two grab handles. However, instead of using individual motor control, power is varied left-to-right by tilting the handle assembly. This allows all movement to be controlled with one hand while the other hand is free to make adjustments to the sprayer and hopper.

With no need to worry about a deck, eXmark was able to fit the front with 13 x 6.5-6 turf tires instead of the usual small casters. In the back, a Tuff Torq transmission drives a set of 18 x 7.5-8 tires. The Spreader Sprayer can reach a top speed of 5.5 mph going forward and 4 mph in reverse. Big tires also give a softer ride, further improved by isolation mounts used to hold the stainless steel operator platform.

Thanks to light power requirements, this model is powered by a 9 hp Subaru EX27. While small, this overhead cam single cylinder has all the features you expect from a commercial engine and is backed by the longest warranty in the industry.

Altogether, this equipment keeps the Spreader Sprayer small and light at 67.5 inches long, 35.5 inches wide and a curb weight of 500 lbs. Wide contact patches at all four corners minimize scrubbing, even on wet turf, and it can pass through all but the smallest gates.


A 20-gallon tank wraps around the operator’s feet. It’s attached to a Remco pump driven by a two hp electric motor, delivering liquid to a set of spray nozzles directly ahead of the front wheels. Both the sprayer and hopper can be running at the same time, applying seed and fertilizer in one pass.

A built-in agitation system mixes chemicals and keeps them in suspension. Even dry powders stay mixed, so they end up on the lawn, not pasted against the walls of the tank.

The sprayer has two modes. In broadcast mode, it sprays in an 11-foot wide pattern, delivering 0.69 GPM of chemicals at 30 psi or 0.80 GPM at 40 psi. In narrow mode, it sprays a 5-foot wide stream at a rate of 0.35 GPM at 30 psi or 0.40 GPM at 40 psi. There’s also an on-board wand that’s kept next to the control panel. This lets the operator spray edges and around trees and bushes without having to get off of the machine.


The front-mounted hopper holds 175 lbs, and the top of the spray tank is shaped to hold an additional 50 lb. bag. eXmark offers three sizes of grates for the bottom of the hopper to match the seed or pellet size you’re applying.

Drop rate is adjusted using a knob just below the hopper. From there, everything else is set from the operator’s position. A deflector shield can be lowered to keep the product off of driveways and sidewalks, and delivery to the spinner can be altered to get the right distribution pattern. The spinner can be set to the desired speed then switched on and off as needed. Two distribution settings can be set up, letting you switch between seeding and pellet fertilizing throughout the day.


eXmark guarantees the Spreader Sprayer for one year of commercial use with no hour limit. Subaru guarantees the engine for 5 years.

Ready to Add a Stander Sprayer to Your Fleet?

If you’re looking to buy some eXmark equipment or have it serviced, visit Shank’s Lawn Equipment. We’re a certified dealer for eXmark and Subaru Power, and we have over 30 years of experience helping professional landscapers with their equipment. To learn more, visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here from I-81, take Exit 10 to Marion and drive one mile East.

Not in the area? We can ship parts and accessories for your eXmark to any address in the U.S. and Canada. To order, visit us online at

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eXmark Rotary Broom

eXmark Rotary Broom

If you have problems keeping sidewalks and driveways free of debris and precipitation, a rotary broom may be just what you need. eXmark’s Power Broom combines snowblower-style controls with bristles that remove snow without damaging pavement. Add a few attachments, and it can also be used for dethatching and leaf cleanup, making it useful throughout the year.

Precision Control from Clearing to Transport

At first glance, eXmark’s patented design looks like they come from a snowblower. However, it splits control of the hydrostatic drive for unparalleled control. The shift lever has 6 positions for forward motion and two for reverse to set the base speed. From there, trigger controls allow for small steering adjustments to hug curbs and obstacles. The drive and broom engage independently using the levers over the grips for quick switches between operation and transport.

There are two more levers next to the handles to change the broom angle. This power system can swivel the broom 20 degrees to the left or right to push debris and snow away from the pavement.


The Power Broom uses a 7 hp Kohler Command Pro CH270 engine. It may be a small single cylinder, but it comes with the features and build quality needed for commercial use.

Debris removal can be dusty, so this engine comes with a cyclonic air box that pre-filters incoming air, reducing wear and maintenance on the filter elements. The intake on this box can be rotated by hand to aim outside the engine or toward the engine’s cooling fins to decrease warm-up times. It also comes with Kohler’s Oil Sentry system, which cuts the ignition if the oil level is too low, protecting internal components from damage. Filters in the filler neck, tank, and carburetor remove debris from fuel and a water trap reduces moisture contamination.


The bristles are mounted on a set of discs, creating a broom that is 36 inches wide and 25-inch diameter. When in operation, the broom spins at 200 RPM.

The broom comes from the factory fitted with eXmark’s concrete/snow bristles. These are engineered for abrasion resistance against concrete without damaging the surface. A pair of casters support the broom and can be adjusted in 1/8 increments to get the right amount of ground contact as the bristles wear down.

Accessories for Year-Round Use

Turf bristle discs replace the aggressive concrete discs, letting this broom be used for dethatching. The turf caster kit adds wider wheels, spreading out the weight of the broom for less damage when operating on grass.

For winter use, chains can be added to the rear tires, while installing a cab protects the operator from wind and snow. Snow removal often can’t wait for daylight, so eXmark offers a light kit for night time operation.

The debris box mounts to the front of the broom, picking up dust and leaves as they’re pushed up by the bristles.


The Power Broom is guaranteed by eXmark for one year of commercial use. Kohler backs the Command Pro engine with a three-year commercial warranty.

Getting Parts and Service for the eXmark Power Broom

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is more than an eXmark dealer: we’ve helped everyone from homeowners to municipal customers with their outdoor equipment for over three decades. If you think the eXmark Power Broom can help you with cleanup or you need your equipment serviced, stop by our shop. We’re located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s one mile east of I-80 — just take Exit 10 to Marion.

Not in the area? We ship parts and accessories for eXmark and many other popular equipment brands across the U.S. and Canada. To order, visit us online at

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eXmark Quest ZTR: A Fresh Design for Residential Mowing

eXmark Quest ZTRWant professional quality from a residential ZTR? eXmark may be known for their commercial mowers, but their Quest line offers most of the features of their professional ZTRs in sizes and prices that are within reach of homeowners. Now they’re even better thanks to a recent redesign, adding better engine protection, new styling and an easier to use control panel.


The Quest is powered by eXmark’s own 708cc air-cooled V-Twin, designed specifically for their ZTR mowers. It uses a dual barrel carburetor and a specially designed governor that delivers droop-free performance rivaled only by pricey EFI-equipped engines. Since this motor was only recently put into production, it was designed with ethanol in mind and will fine on blends up to 10%.

A lot of attention was also paid to maintenance. It has a quick drain hose for easy, mess-free oil changes, and an airbox designed so that the filter fits only one way to ensure the engine is protected from dust and debris. eXmark also makes complete kits that have everything needed for routine maintenance including oil, filters, spark plugs and fuel treatment.

Output for this engine in all models is 24.5 hp. It’s not CARB compliant, so it can’t be sold in California.


These mowers use Series 2 decks, built from 10 gauge steel with welded wear strips to resist abrasion. E-Series models use two blades, while the wider S-Series decks have three blades. These mount to eXmark’s trademark sealed maintenance-free spindles.


People of any size can operate these mowers comfortably. The operator sits in an adjustable high back spring suspension seat equipped with fully adjustable fore and aft bars at two height positions.

This update brings a complete redesign of the area around the operator. On the right, a new control center puts throttle, starter and PTO controls within easy reach. On the left, there’s a 2.9-gallon gas tank with a molded-in cup holder and a translucent window to check the fuel level.


The Quest is available in two versions: the E-Series and the S-Series.

These mowers use a set of Hydro-Gear ZT2100 hydrostatic transmissions and can mow up to 2.8 acres per hour. Top speed is 7 mph when going forward and 3.4 mph in reverse. The E-Series is available with a 34 or 42-inch deck.

Hydro-Gear ZT2800 transaxles provide the same top speeds as the E-Series while being strong enough to support the weight of the S-Series’ 50 and 60-inch decks. The S-Series also come with additional equipment. A large steel plate surrounds the rear of the engine to protect it from collisions when backing up, while the deck height can be changed using an assisted foot lever. This model also comes with the hitch kit installed at the factory.


Want the foot-operated height control and hitch of an S-Series, but need the compact size of the E-Series? Accessories are available to install both functions. If you want to carry mulch and tools with you without dealing with a trailer, eXmark offers a cargo carrier that adds a small storage deck at the rear of the mower.

Kits are available for mulching, bagging and striping to get the finish you want. The mulching kit doesn’t have an impeller like the units found on the company’s larger units, but the large diameter tube of the bagging kit coupled with the sealed mowing chamber of the mulching kit ensures plenty of flow to keep clippings moving.

Is the Quest Right for You?

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a certified dealer for eXmark, and we have over three decades of experience helping both residential and commercial customers with their lawn care equipment. If you’re looking to buy a ZTR to take care of your lawn or you need parts or service for your current mower, stop by our shop, located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway, Chambersburg, PA. To get here from I-81, take exit 10 to Marion and drive East one mile.

Need parts or accessories for your eXmark? We ship to the United States and Canada. To order, visit us online at

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Exmark Lazer Z Diesel

Exmark Lazer Z Diesel

Need the mowing power of a full-size tractor and the maneuverability of a ZTR? eXmark’s newly updated Laser Z Diesel offers Yanmar diesel power and a new winged 96-inch deck that can fold up to fit in a space intended for a 72-inch mower.

UltraCut Flex Wing: More than Just Size

An 8-foot cutting width is notable on its own, but eXmark has made the most of this winged design to get improved cutting performance.

The deck is built around a 48-inch center section with two blades flanked by a pair of 24-inch wings, each with its own blade. These wings fold up for storage, giving the mower the same overall width as a mower with a 72-inch deck so it can be loaded onto most trailers. When deployed, the wings can flex as much as 20 degrees upward and 15 degrees downward, helping the blades follow the turf with minimal scalping. By eXmark’s estimates, this mower can cover up to 10 acres per hour.

The Laser Z Diesel is also available with a regular UltraCut deck in 60 and 72-inch widths with either side or rear discharge. All decks are build using a 10 gauge top plate and 7 gauge reinforced spindle mounts. The spindles are sealed and require no greasing, a feature only available from eXmark.

Deck height can be adjusted from the operator’s position at a range of 1-5.5 inches in ¼ inch increments. A hydraulic lift comes standard on all decks.

Big Power from Yanmar

These are the first eXmark models powered by Yanmar engines, chosen for their reliability and high output. Buyers can choose from a 25 hp 1.3-liter turbocharged engine or a 37 hp 1.6 liter naturally aspirated engine. Yanmar’s RED technology helps these engines meet the EPA’s Tier 4 emissions requirements. It also has performance profiles to fit different operating conditions. These modes can be selected from the operator’s position as needed.

The engine drives a Kanzaki KPS-18T transmission paired with two Hydro-Gear HGM-H wheel motors. Top speed is 11 mph with the 1.3 liter and 12.5 mph with the 1.6-liter engine.

To fit these new engines, eXmark redesigned the rear half of the mower to lower the mounting points for the engine and radiator. This lowers the center of gravity, improving stability and traction.

Operator Comfort

The seat base and footrest are isolated both horizontally and vertically from the mower frame. The operator’s seat is mounted on eXmark’s scissor link ball bearing suspension. It’s covered in vibration-absorbing stretch fabric base help further tame vibrations. A pair of tanks flanking the operator holds a total of 12 gallons of fuel.


With a few add-ons, these mowers can be set up for a variety of mowing tasks.

A rearguard and bumper can be added to protect the engine from impacts when working in tight spaces. Lighting and flasher kits are available to increase the visibility of the mower and allow use in low light conditions. When it’s bright out, a sunshade can be mounted to the ROPS to shield the operator.

The Micro-Mulch system seals the mowing chamber for increased vacuum and uses high lift blades to finely chop clippings. A foot-operated discharge control can be added to easily switch between mulching and side discharge. The UltraVac bagging kit uses a PTO impeller to pull clippings from the deck to maintain cutting performance. For sports fields, the turf striping kit rolls blades of grass after cutting, giving turf a fine finish.

When You Need Commercial Performance, Go to Shank’s

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is more than just an eXmark dealer: we have over three decades of experience helping professional landscapers and groundskeepers. If you’re looking to buy a mower or you need your eXmark equipment repaired, visit our shop, located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s just outside of Marion.

Need parts or accessories for your eXmark? Visit our website, We can ship anything you need to any address in the U.S. or Canada.

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Kohler Command Pro EFI 999cc

Kohler Command Pro EFI 999cc

Kohler’s 999cc Command Pro EFI may look like the rest of their commercial line, but this updated motor adds a new feature that greatly improves usability: an electronically controlled throttle body. While other manufacturers have EFI systems that can prevent throttle droop, this system lets the ECU precisely control both air and fuel, keeping the engine from bogging down when under heavy load.

ETB Technology

The 999-Series is the first engine line to get ETB, which stands for “Electronic Throttle Body,” commonly referred to as “throttle by wire.” Instead of using a physical linkage to rotate the butterfly valve inside the throttle body, the 999 uses a servo motor controlled by the operator and the ECU.

By using an ETB, the ECU can precisely control the air coming into the engine along with the fuel via the injectors. Operating the 999 is no different from any other engine, except the throttle lever uses an electrical connection instead of a cable. By letting the ECU step in occasionally to alter the throttle position, this engine has much smoother power delivery, especially during major load changes. Drive into tall grass with your mower, and the added deck load won’t bog down the motor. It also increases the amount of power the engine is able to deliver: 35 hp is about average in this engine category, but that’s backed by 56 lb-ft. of torque, about 10-15% higher than its competitors.

Low Running Costs and Less Hassle with EFI

On average, a fuel injected engine uses 25% less fuel than carbureted engines, which can save hundreds of dollars per year in operating costs, even with today’s low fuel prices. Since fuel delivery is adjusted automatically according to the amount of air entering the engine, there’s also no need to modify the fuel system to get it to run at high altitudes. There’s also no choking or priming required to get the engine to start, taking one less hassle out of your day whether you’re an operator or you rent 999-powered equipment. Repairs are simpler, too, thanks to real-time troubleshooting using EFI diagnostic software. This lets technicians see exactly what’s going on inside the engine without pulling it apart to examine components.

Built for Commercial Demands

While the electronics are the star of the show, a lot of attention was paid to the engine’s construction to ensure durability. The crankshaft is supported by sleeve bearings, just like you’ll find inside the engine of your car. Hydraulic lifters eliminate the need for valve adjustment, while an integrated oil cooler helps keep engine temperatures steady. This engine comes with a top mounted oil filter next to control panel for easy access, or it can be fitted with a remote filter. OEMs can also choose to have a grass screen installed to protect the cooling system from clippings when used to power a mower. This engine also comes with a regulated 15 amp charging system to operate electric PTOs and work lights.


Kohler guarantees this engine for three years of commercial use with no hour limit.

Getting Parts and Service for the Latest Kohler Engines

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a certified dealer for Kohler Power as well as several mower brands that use their engines including Dixon and eXmark. If you’re looking for a Kohler-powered mower or you need your equipment serviced, visit our shop located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s one mile east of I-81 via Exit 10 to Marion.

We can also ship parts and accessories for Kohler engines across the U.S. and Canada. To order, visit our website,

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Scag V-Ride II

Scag V-Ride II

Need the capability of a ZTR and maximum maneuverability without sacrificing deck size? Scag’s new V-Ride II updates their stander design for more comfort and better performance across the board. Available in deck size from 36 to 61 inches, there’s a model that’s perfect for your needs, whether you’re a homeowner or professional landscaper.


36-inch models come with an Advantage deck, while other models use a Velocity Plus deck. Despite the names, their designs are nearly identical. The blades are mounted on cast iron spindles with tapered roller bearings top and bottom to provide exceptional strength and durability. These spindles are topped with split steel pulleys that are formed from a single piece of metal, making them and lighter than cast or stamped pulleys, and the idler pulleys are protected by debris shields. The deck itself uses Scag’s tri-plate construction with a 0.485-inch thick steel top plate and replaceable side wear pads. Anti-scalp wheels are standard.

A front baffle chamber provides vacuum, pulling the grass straight up before cutting to get a near-stamped deck finish. Scag’s Hurricane Plus mulching system can be installed on these decks, adding high lift blades and baffles that enhance vacuum. Mowers with the Velocity Plus deck can be fitted with an operator-controlled discharge chute, letting the deck switch between mulching and side discharge by twisting a single handle. All models come with Scag’s Marbain blades, which have hardened steel and a tough outer coating for extended life.

The deck height on the V-Ride is adjusted using a handle next to the operator’s position. The deck can be raised or lowered to a height of 1 ½ to 4 ½ inches in clearly marked ¼ inch increments, and the handle has an auto lock to move the deck out of its transport position with thumb release.

The deck is engaged by an Ogura GT PTO clutch brake. It has an adjustable air gap to maintains grip as the clutch wears down, giving it a longer service life than a fixed clutch.


Massive 12 inch wide rear tires reduce scrubbing and make it easy to roll over curbs, while flat free front caster tires can withstand bumps when getting close to obstacles.

The operator stands on a textured steel plate mounted on a coil spring suspension. A new, larger pad protects operators of any height when leaning against the machine. Large, padded control levers reduce vibration transfer, while grips ahead and behind these levers provide several hand positions to reduce hand fatigue. Controls for the PTO, starter and parking brake are placed around these levers, while the fuel tank shut off and gauge are on top of the tank next to controls. The interlocked parking brake automatically disengages when the drive control levers are moved.

48” and larger models come with Scag’s Tiger Eye display that includes an hour meter and indicators for voltage, oil pressure, PTO engagement and other information. Scag offers a kit to add an air filter sensor, letting you know when it needs to be cleaned.


Scag offers the V-Ride II in four deck sizes with a choice of 7 engines:

36” — 15 hp Kawasaki 541FS with recoil start or 19 hp 600FX with electric start
48” — 22hp Kawasaki 691FX
52” — 23 hp Kawasaki 730FX or 25hp Kohler EFI
61” — 25hp Kawasaki 801FX or 29hp Kohler EFI

The 36” models have a top speed of 8.5 mph, a fuel tank holds 6.75 gallons, and dual 10cc hydraulic pumps paired with 12 ci wheel motors. All other V-Ride II’s have a top speed of 10.5 mph, can carry 8 gallons of fuel, and use dual 12 cc hydraulic pumps with 14 ci wheel motors and deck fans to keep the drive system cool.

Which engine is right for you? The Kawasaki FS has a dual element air filter and single barrel carburetor, while the FX has a large canister air filter for less frequent maintenance and a twin barrel carburetor for increased power. Kohler’s EFI engines are easier to start, uses significantly less fuel and are less sensitive to fuel freshness.


Kohler and Kawasaki both guarantee their engines for three years, while Scag covers the rest of the mower with a three-year warranty including a “no crack” guarantee on the deck.

When You think “Scag,” Think “Shank’s”

If you’re looking to buy a V-Ride II or need parts or service on your Scag, bring it to Shank’s Lawn Equipment. We’re a certified dealer for Scag, Kawasaki Engines, and Kohler Power so we can help you with everything on your stander mower. Our shop is at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s one mile east of I-81 via Exit 10 to Marion.

We can also ship parts and accessories for Scag Power Equipment and their engines mowers to you no matter where you are in the U.S. or Canada. To order, visit our website,

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Kawasaki’s New FT730V-EFI


Aimed at use in high-end residential and commercial lawn mowers, Kawasaki’s recently released FT730V-EFI introduces a new air filtration system and numerous upgrades to reduce maintenance and downtime. Designed for compatibility with their other 730-based engines, it shouldn’t be long before we see this new engine in ZTR, stand-on and wide walk-behind mowers.

Vortical Air Filtration

The big news for this engine is a new type of air filtration system that Kawasaki says can be used up to 50 hours before cleaning. It uses centrifugal flow to separate out heavy dust, grass, and other debris out of the air stream before it reaches the filter medium. Similar systems are already in use on a lot of small engines, but Kawasaki’s Vortical design can channel this material through a duckbill-shaped debris ejection valve instead of letting it get caked on the inside of the housing. Not only does this mean longer maintenance intervals, it keeps working at peak performance longer, resulting in a cleaner engine. The Vortical Air Filtration system also uses the filter and case as part of the centrifugal system, so there’s no separate pre-filter chamber that increases the overall size of the engine.

The air path for the cooling system has also been redesigned to work with this new air box. Overall, airflow has been improved across the cooling fins, and the wash-out ports have been relocated to the underside of the air filter cover. This provides direct access to the heads for fast cleaning while shielding the engine from dust when in operation.

EFI: More than Just Fuel Economy

In recent years, manufacturers have been switching from carburetors to fuel injectors to keep up with emissions regulations and reduce operating costs through improved fuel economy and reduced maintenance. While that’s reason enough to consider an EFI engine, Kawasaki’s system has another trick up its sleeve: an integrated e-governor. This device manages engine speed to meet current load requirements, keeping performance consistent when driving onto slopes or into thick grass, maintaining mower and blade speed for a higher quality finish. This all but eliminates the need for repeated passes so jobs can be completed faster.

The EFI system is an open loop design that doesn’t use an oxygen sensor, but otherwise, it resembles something you’d find in a new car. It uses multi-port injection, using an injector for each fuel runner to supply the cylinders individually. These injectors are supplied by a returnless fuel system that modulates fuel pressure to deliver the exact amount of gas needed, reducing the number of system components. The system’s ECU is in a sealed container to protect it from weather, vibration, and dirt. Head temperature sensors let the ECU keep fuel mixture and engine speed in check to prevent overheating and reduce oil consumption. It can also enrich the fuel mixture automatically, eliminating the need for a choke while making it easy to start in any weather. Repairs are easier thanks to an on-board diagnostic system that lets dealers plug a tablet or computer into the ECU for quick troubleshooting.

All this new technology is packaged in a way to give the FT the same size and shape as the previous carbureted versions, making it easy for manufacturers to switch from an FS or FX engine. The 730 block the FT is based on has been around for 10 years, so OEMs and dealers are already familiar with these engines, making the switch relatively painless.

Getting Parts and Service for the Kawasaki FT730V-EFI

Whether your Kawasaki engine is new or old, Shank’s Lawn Equipment can help you keep it running. We’re a certified dealer for Kawasaki Engines and many of the manufacturers who use their powerplants including Wright, Dixon, and Scag. If you need parts or service, visit our shop, located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s one mile East of I-81 via Exit 10. We also ship OEM parts and accessories across the U.S. and Canada. To order, visit us online at

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