Mantis 4-Cycle Plus Tiller/Cultivator

MantisMantis practically created the small tiller market, and if the new 4-Cycle Plus is any indication, they’re going to remain the leader in this segment for years to come. This new model is still compact and lightweight, but it comes with a durable, easy-to-use four stroke engine. Add some accessories, and it can be used for a wide range of home gardening and landscaping tasks.

Big Power in a Small Package

Power comes from a 25cc commercial grade Honda GX25. Since it’s a four stroke, it’s easier to start, easier to fuel, uses less gas and has greater reliability than a two stroke. Better still, this tiny motor uses a belt driven overhead camshaft for more power and decreased vibration, while an automatic exhaust valve release makes it easy to turn the motor over. This engine can also be stored in any position: lean the tiller sitting at an angle, and the oil will never seep past the piston rings. Naturally, emissions are also much lower than a two stoke, so this engine meets both EPA and CARB requirements, making it legal to sell throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The dry weight of this engine is just 7 lbs, bringing the total weight of the 4-Cycle Plus to around 24 lbs. That makes it easy to carry to wherever you need it and easy to push around as it cuts through soil.

Built for Comfort

The 4-Cycle Plus isn’t just an old model with a new engine. The handle have been redesigned with an ergonomic shape and soft grips to reduce operator fatigue. A palm-controlled safety switch and flush mounted throttle means operating the 4-Cycle is as simple as holding onto the controls. The speed control and engine shut off switch are also mounted at handle, which means no more having to stoop to make adjustments.

Once the work is done, just fold down the grips and pick up the tiller by the carrier handle. It’s small enough to fit almost anywhere, including the trunk of a car or under a workbench.

Built for Performance

Power from the motor is sent through a one piece cast steel gearbox to Mantis’
spring steel serpentine tines. These can go through any kind of turf from dry clay to thick sod at depths up to 10 inches, 25% more than competitor’s small tillers. Mantis is so confident in their cutting ability that they guarantee them for life. Have a job that doesn’t require a deep cut? Reverse the blades, and they can be used for shallow cultivating and weeding. Either way, with operating speeds of up to 240 RPM, these tines can cut twice as quickly as competitor’s designs.

More than just a tiller

The 4 Cycle Plus can be used with a variety of attachments, turning this tiller into an all-purpose yard care machine. The furrower and plow attachments let the tiller dig trenches in a range of shapes to fit whatever you want to plant. The dethatcher and aerator can help water and nutrients reach the root system of your lawn for better grass coverage. The crevice cleaner can remove grass and soil from spaces around pavement, while the edger can give your garden beds clean, defined borders. There’s even a wheel set that can be added to roll over hills and curbs.

Where to buy Mantis Tiller Parts and Equipment

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a certified dealer for both Mantis garden tools and Honda small engines, making them a one stop shop for 4-Cycle Plus tillers, parts and accessories. Order from their website,, and they can ship what you need anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Live near Chambersburg, PA? Visit their shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Hwy. To get there from I81, take Exit 10 to Route 11 / Marion.

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