Wright Walk-Behind Mowers Overview

Velke_Gear_DriveIf you’re in the market for a quality walk-behind mower, the Wright family of lawn care equipment has plenty to offer. Their walk-behind mowers come with several different size and equipment options to make your job easier and take less time. When you get behind a Wright mower you know that you are getting a dependable mower that will outlast the competition and leave your lawns looking great.

The Wright Velke Gear Drive

One of the most affordable gear drive walk-behind mowers on the market, the Wright Velke gear drive comes in 32, 36, and 48-inch models. It is both lightweight and compact, making it easy to maneuver and transport. It features dual belts to deliver consistent torque to the large wheels. It is known for being particularly gentle on turf due to its small footprint and light weight. Continue reading

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Wright Zero-Turn Mowers: Mid-Mount Z Vs. Sport RH/X

wright-z-3-4-right2If you’re shopping for a zero-turn mower, there are dozens of options to choose from. The Wright brand of mowers has a long history of delivering quality equipment for commercial grade jobs. Both the Wright Mid-Mount Z and the Sport RH/X models are competitive in their class and offer the support you need to get the job done right. Here’s what you need to know before you go shopping.


The Wright Mid-Mount Z and the Sport RH/X are similar in size. All of these models come with optional 48″, 52″, or 61″ decks. However, the Sport RH & X models are designed for more flexibility on the ground and have a smaller profile than the Mid-Mount Z. The narrower body of the Sport models make them easier to get onto a trailer. Even so, the Mid-Mount Z is roughly 3″ shorter than a standard mid-mount mower, so it can navigate corners deftly and offers better control on uneven surfaces. Continue reading

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Yanmar Tractors: YT347 vs. YT359

YT359_ROPS_NAKED_34_Flat_CMYK_2The YT347 and YT359 are both designed to work on large areas of land with plenty of power, plenty of attachment capability, and plenty of design features for comfort and consistent performance. What’s the difference between these two tractors, and which one is right for you?


The YT347 uses a 4TNV88C diesel engine that produces 46 hp at 2,800 RPM.

The YT359 uses a 58.9 hp 4TNV88C diesel engine. Power for this motor is rated at 2,500 RPM, so it doesn’t have to run as fast as the 347’s motor to provide maximum power. Continue reading

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Yanmar USA Compact Tractors (YT235 and YT235C)

YT235_CAB_NAKED_CRX_Flat_CMYKGetting a compact tractor doesn’t mean having to make compromises. The YT235 and its enclosed cabin cousin, the YT235C, offer serious performance with the ability to use a wide range of attachments, making them an excellent choice for buyers looking to take care of up to 50 acres of land ranging from farms to managed properties.

Power and Traction

Both the YT235 and YT235C are powered by Yanmar’s 3TNV88C diesel engine. This three cylinder produces 34.2 hp at 3,000 RPM and meets Tier 4 emissions requirements without needing a particulate filter.

The wheels are driven by a hydrostatic transmission that has three speed ranges, topping out at 11.7 mph (18.9 km/h) when driving forwards and 8.2 mph (13.2 km/h) in reverse when fitted with agricultural tires. Yanmar also offers industrial and turf tires straight from the factory. This tractor has two throttle pedals: one to go forward and one to go backwards, eliminating the need to stop and shift when moving back and forth using a front loader. Cruise control and an automatic throttle come standard for easy operation and consistent performance. Continue reading

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Yanmar 424 Series Overview

downloadTractors can be useful for maintaining any type of land, but if you have rough, steep terrain, some models just won’t cut it. That’s why Yanmar offers the 424. It comes with all the attachment points, power, and durability you expect from their tractors along with the ground clearance and 4WD capability you need to tackle your property.

The Tractor

The 424 Series uses a 1.26 liter 3TNV80F three cylinder liquid cooled diesel that produces 21.7 hp and 45 lb-ft. of torque. It doesn’t have a particulate filter, but it still meets Tier 4 emissions standards. Continue reading

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Yanmar 324 Series Overview

_6381618_i0When you buy big equipment with diesel power, there’s a good chance it’s powered by a Yanmar engine. Although famous for their engines, they also have their own line of tractors, including the sub-compact 324 series. They’re designed for taking care of properties ranging from 3 – 5 acres with a line of accessories to do everything from mow to dig while delivering professional performance and reliability.

The Tractor

The 324 is powered by a 3TNV80F three cylinder liquid-cooled diesel displacing 1.26 liters. It produces 21.7 hp and 45 lb-ft. of torque, and meets Tier 4 emissions requirements without needing a diesel particulate filter. The motor is connected to a dual hydraulic pump that moves up to 4.3 gallons (16.1 liters) per minute to the PTO, equivalent to 18.1 hp, and a 3.7 GPM pump for the hydraulic power steering. This is enough power for the Category 1 3-point hitch to lift up to 1,209 lbs. (548 kg.) The 324 is also front-end loader capable with a built-in quick hitch, and can be used with a mid-mounted mower deck. The PTO is engaged electronically from the operator’s position. Continue reading

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Which Bear Cat Log Splitter is Right for You?

thumbWhen it comes to log splitters, you can depend on Echo Bear Cat. They’re known for building equipment that’s high quality and simple to use so you can get the job done faster without any headaches. Which model is right for you?


This log splitter is powered by a Subaru SP170, which has more in common with the engine in your car than it does with engines typically found in small equipment. This 169cc motor uses a chain-driven overhead cam, allowing for better cooling, better flow through the head, higher compression and less noise. A cast iron cylinder wall ensures durability, while the lightweight drivetrain makes it easy to start, even in cold weather. Continue reading

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Woods Snow Blowers Overview

sb84_applicationWoods builds quality products for landscaping professionals and that includes tools for snow removal. Their line of snow blowers is built to attach to tractors ranging from 15 to 175 hp, delivering maximum performance with the power available.

Features Included with All Models of Woods Snow Blowers

These blowers are ASABE quick hitch compatible for fast, easy attachment — just line up the three points to your tractor and lock in the pins.

Even the smallest model uses a two-stage snow throwing system. Instead of relying solely on the auger, there’s a separate four blade fan inside the chute to propel snow, increasing throwing force without requiring increased power. Continue reading

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Bear Cat GN5200 and GN7100 E Generators

605378Do you need a portable power generation system that can supply enough electricity for a large RV or as a backup for home power? Do you want a system from a brand you can trust? Bear Cat has a reputation for building quality professional-grade equipment, and their GN5200 and GN7100 E generators both use engines from Honda’s ubiquitous GX series. Everything from engine noise to grounding was taken into consideration to make these generators easy to use, while they’re built to a standard that Bear Cat will guarantee for one year of commercial use or three years of consumer use. Continue reading

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Bear Cat IG2000 and IG3500E Generators

thumbEcho Bear Cat may be best known for their wood cutting tools, but the same expertise that lawn care professionals have come to depend on carries over to their line of generators. The IG2000 and IG3500E offer electric power that’s safe to use with electronics and appliances in a portable package that’s easy to use and durable.


This generator is powered by a 79 cc four stroke engine that is compliant with California emissions, making it legal to operate across the U.S. and Canada. If the oil level gets too low, the engine will shut off automatically to protect internal components.

Instead of making alternating current directly, the motor drives a DC generator. The electricity is then converted from DC to AC using a computer controlled inverter. This extra step lets the IG2000 generate power with a “clean” waveform, switching polarity smoothly as the current alternates. The result is electricity that functions just like grid electricity, safely powering sensitive electronics like TVs, media players, and computers. Continue reading

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