Using a Tractor to Move Snow

673293When you need to do serious snow clearing, a big, purpose-built snow blower may be out of your budget, or simply too small to be up to the task. However, if you own a tractor, you may be an attachment or two away from having all the snow moving capability you need. Here are some ways you can equip your tractor to clear snow.

Snow Blades

A standard blade can be used to push snow around, gathering it into a pile, but it’s not an ideal solution.
The metal edge can damage sensitive surfaces including brick paths and granite walkways, and the blade shape and angle can keep it from pushing snow effectively. You may find that you have to constantly overlap passes to pick up snow that spread out from the blade on the previous pass.

Snow blades are shaped to roll the snow more effectively, and often have coatings that keep snow from sticking. They also come with plastic blade edges and skids that won’t damage pavement. By adjusting the skid height, you can have the blade scrape close against ice or push snow without picking up gravel.

Snow blades also have articulation to angle them left or right. This rolls and pushes the snow to the side of the machine. Cheaper options will skip the hydraulics, requiring the operator to stop the machine to make adjustments.

Depending on your tractor, you may need to add a front mount to use a blade, increasing upfront cost. However, this is still the most cost-effective option for snow clearing.

Snow Blowers

Single stage blowers have a single, high-speed auger that picks up snow and pushes it through a chute. Two-stage blowers have a slow speed auger that picks up large chunks of snow which are fed to a high-speed fan or impeller that breaks the snow into powder and pushes it through the chute.

When it comes to purpose-built machines, single stage blowers are limited to small jobs, while two-stage snow designs are the standard for commercial and large residential jobs. However, the added power of your tractor means that single stage attachments can remove snow as well as larger two-stage blowers without the added complexity and cost of an impeller. Two-stage attachments also have an advantage over stand-alone snow blowers because they use a chain drive to connect the auger to the transmission instead of using a gearbox between the auger and the fan. This makes them more durable and increases the amount of auger contact across the machine. Chute controls are optional on most attachments, letting you choose between electric or hydraulic assist to best fit the power sources available on your tractor.

These attachments are almost always rear-mounted, so they’re a little more difficult to operate than blades. However, their snow clearing ability easily surpasses walk-behind models, and since most models can throw snow 30-40 feet, you won’t need to overlap your passes to create a pile like you do with a blade.

For heavy accumulation, Woods makes attachments with two augers stacked on top of each other, increasing working height while keeping the overall attachment size small.

BCS walk-behind tractors can be used with the PTO facing front or back, so the snow blower attachments they offer are front-mounted, making operation similar to a standard blower. These attachments can match or exceed the performance of the largest stand-alone blowers, but they’re limited to use on the company’s larger models.

Front End Loaders

Can you use the bucket on your front end loader to move snow? Yes. Is it a good idea? Usually not. There’s no way to angle the bucket side to side, so the snow has to be repeatedly scooped and pushed to pile it up, increasing job times. It’s also hard to keep the bucket consistently above the ground without missing snow, which inevitably leads to lawn and even pavement damage. Unless you need to clean up a pile of snow gathered using other cleanup methods, you should avoid using your loader.

Power Sweepers

A snow blower or blade can get 99% of the snow, but the remaining layer can pack down, turning into ice. Power sweepers use flexible bristles that can scrape against pavement, removing remaining snow, whether left over from larger removal equipment or light precipitation.

Get the Tools You Need to Tackle Winter Weather

Shank’s Lawn Equipment has helped homeowners and commercial customers with their snow moving equipment for over 35 years. We’re a dealer for several major snow blower, tractor and attachment brands including Yanmar, BCS, and Woods so we can help you find the right combination of equipment for your snow clearing needs. Our shop is located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, just off route 11. To get there from I-81, take Exit 10 to Marion.

Do you need parts for your snow clearing equipment? We ship across the U.S. and Canada. To order, visit

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Yanmar Snow Blower Attachments

Yanmar snowblower attachmentsSnow plows and walk-behind snow blowers are fine for small jobs, but if you need to clear a lot of snow quickly, nothing beats a tractor-driven two stage snow blower. Yanmar’s line of rear-mounted attachments are designed for compact and subcompact tractors ranging from 15 to 50 HP. By using your tractor’s PTO to power a wide auger and high capacity fan, they can snow faster than stand-alone blowers with less pass overlapping than plow attachments.


The auger flighting used in these attachments measures just 0.31 x 2 inches. By using narrow helicoil strips instead of a solid auger, the snow blower is lighter and can pick up larger chunks of snow. That snow is fed to a massive four blade fan that turns hardened accumulation into fine powder which is ejected through a chute with an optimized shape that resists clogs.

The fan is driven directly by the gearbox, while a side-mounted chain connects the gearbox to the auger. This keeps the transmission out of the path of the snow, protecting it from damage, yet the housing is only a couple inches wider than their working width. That means you should have no problem getting close to fences, buildings and other obstacles.

The chute has 270 degrees of rotation. It can be coupled to an optional hydraulic or electric rotator, letting you use your tractor’s available hydraulic connections or outlets to adjust snow direction during operation.

The skids can be adjusted to get the right auger height for a variety of surfaces from ice to gravel. They’re also replaceable, increasing the blower’s service life.


These snow blowers connect to the PTO using a Cat 3 driveline. A shear bolt is built into the shaft to protect your PTO if the impeller or fan jams. Depending on the model, the blower can be used with a Cat 1 or 2 three point hitch. All models are ASABE Quick Hitch compatible. This hitch adapter uses automatically locking lower arms, letting you switch tools faster. Don’t have one for your tractor? Yanmar makes an adapter that fits standard three-point hitches.



Works with tractors between 15-25 HP.
Compatible with Cat 1 hitches.
56-inch transport width
54-inch working width
24-inch working height
22 inch wide, 6-inch deep fan
Weighs 415 lbs.


Works with tractors between 15-25 HP.
Compatible with Cat 1 hitches.
66-inch transport width
64-inch working width
24-inch working height
22 x 6-inch fan
Weighs 436 lbs.


Works with tractors between 30-50 HP.
Compatible with Cat 1 and Cat 2 hitches.
76-inch transport width
74-inch working width
26-inch working height
24 x 8-inch fan
Weighs 592 lbs.

Turn Your Tractor Into a Snow Moving Machine

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is more than a Yanmar dealer: we’ve helped everyone from homeowners to farmers and professional landscapers with their equipment for over 30 years. If you’re looking at snow blower attachments, or you need help with your current equipment, visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here from Interstate 81, take Exit 10 to Marion and drive one mile East.

Need parts for your Yanmar tractor or attachments? We ship across the United States and Canada. To order, visit our website,

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Woods Snow Blower Attachments

woods snowblower attachmentsNeed something more powerful than a plow to move snow? Woods’ snow blower attachments use the same auger and impeller combo as a two-stage snow blower, but they’re able to expand their scale by harnessing the power of your tractor. With 7 models to choose from, they have complete attachments designed for tractors with anywhere from 15 to 175 HP.

The Snow Blower Advantage

A snow plow pushes snow directly to the left or right, clearing the way while creating a massive snow drift. While that may be fine if you’re clearing a path or a driveway, it can quickly become impractical to clear fields and parking lots, requiring repeated passes to collect the snow in one small area.

A snow blower picks up snow and pushes it through a chute, moving it far away from where it is being picked up. That means you won’t be moving the same snow over and over again, significantly reducing the time it takes to clear large areas.

Woods’ two-stage design uses an auger to chop up snow and feed it to a large fan that pushes the snow through a chute. However, the similarity to stand-alone commercial snow blowers ends there. The gear case is built into the back of the auger housing and uses chains to connect to the auger and impeller. That means the auger runs the entire length of the housing instead of being split around the gear case, increasing snow moving capability, preventing clogs and reducing the chance of damage from front-end impacts. The sides of the auger housing are reinforced with steel plates to resist impacts and help cut through the snow.

Single Auger Attachments

All single auger models are designed to be used with a Cat 1 driveline, and they’re compatible with ASABE quick hitches. Optimum PTO speed is 540 RPM. The chute has 270 degrees of rotation and can be paired with an optional electric or hydraulic rotator for quick adjustments.

SB54S – 54-inch wide auger, 24 inches high
Compatible with tractors with 15-25 HP and a Cat 1 three point hitch.
SB64S – 64 x 24 inches
15-25 HP, Cat 1 hitch
SB74C – 74 x 26 inches
30-50 HP, Cat 1 or Cat 2 hitch
SB84C – 84 x 26 inches
35-60 HP, Cat 1 or Cat 2 hitch

Dual Auger Attachments

These attachments have two augers, one positioned on top of the other. This lets them pick up thick accumulation with a single pass.

The chutes on these models rotate 200 degrees and are adjusted using a standard hydraulic chute rotator. These models are compatible with Cat 2 and 3 hitches and Cat 4 drivelines. They’re designed to operate at a PTO speed of 540 or 1,000 RPM.

SS84-2: 84 x 38 inches, 60-80 HP
SS96-2: 96 x 38 80-150 HP
SB108-2: 108 x 38 inches, 125-175 HP

Get the Snow Clearing Power You Need This Winter

Whether you’re taking care of your lawn or you handle commercial contracts, Shank’s Lawn Equipment has everything you need to get the job done. We service and sell a wide range of outdoor equipment from walk-behind mowers to tractor attachments like these Woods snow blowers. Visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s one mile east of I-81 via Exit 10/Marion.

Need parts for your Woods equipment? We can ship what you need to any address in the U.S. or Canada. To order, visit us online at

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BCS Snow Blower Attachments

BCS Snow Blower AttachmentsMost people buy a BCS tractor to use it as a tiller, but with the right attachments it can do so much more. In fact, right now you could be using it to clear snow with less effort and time than it takes with most purpose-built snow blowers. Here’s how you can outfit your tractor for winter.,

Single Stage Snow Thrower

Stand-alone single stage snow blowers are only powerful enough to clear light accumulation, but thanks to the power of the tractor, this attachment out-powers most stand-alone two stage snow blowers. The auger can reach a speed of 1,200 RPM, picking up snow and throwing it up to 40 feet away.

This blower is purely gear driven, so there’s no need to worry about belts snapping during use. The skids on the base of the auger housing have 6 height settings from 0-2 inches, letting you skim off of the top of driveways or safely remove snow on top of gravel. The chute is adjusted using a handle that reaches the operator’s position so you can make adjustments on the fly.

BCS offers the single stage blower in 24 and 28-inch widths. This attachment requires either a PTO extension or a Quick Hitch to connect to your tractor.

Two Stage Snow Thrower

Need more power than the single stage blower can deliver? The two-stage snow thrower has a 23-inch intake height and a 15-inch diameter auger to collect deep snow accumulation, while the impeller pushes the snow through the chute, propelling it up to 45 feet away. Power is transferred between the impeller and auger using a cast iron gearbox. It has the same adjustable skids as the single stage blower. Working around curved landscape features and tight areas? Replacing the skids with the included adjustable rollers makes the tractor easier to turn.

This snow thrower is available in a 28-inch wide version that’s compatible with 739 and larger tractors, and a 33-inch wide version that works with 749 and larger models.

Snow Blade

While it may look like BCS’s dozer blade, this 40-inch blade is curved differently to roll snow without sticking. The pitch of the blade can be adjusted to gather more snow with each pass or push it further.
Like BCS’s snow blower, the blade is mounted to adjustable skids that let it be used on pavement or gravel. There’s also a non-metallic cutting edge available that picks up surface accumulation without damaging sensitive surfaces like granite.

BCS recommends installing wheel weights to balance out the weight of the attachment and the snow it collects during operation.

Power Sweeper

BCS’ newest attachment has a wide rotary brush that scrapes off surface snow to get a clean surface. By removing the last bit of accumulation, snow can’t pack down and turn into ice, making pavement safe to walk and drive on.

The power sweeper rolls on a pair of caster wheels that can be height-adjusted using spacers, while the angle can be adjusted from the operator’s position using the control lever. The sweeper attaches with a swivel joint, letting it track the ground independent of the tractor to get a clean finish on any surface.

The heavy-duty bristles on this machine are good for more than just snow. The sweeper can also be used to clean up debris on parking lots, industrial flat roofs and construction sites, and it can dethatch lawns without damaging grass. Wire bristles are available for heavy-duty cleaning jobs.

Power sweepers are available in 30, 40 and 48-inch widths.

Weight Kit for Snow Throwers

This kit adds 10-12 lbs. to the auger housing, balancing the tractor for more stability when climbing hills. BCS recommends installing the kit on models equipped with a Honda GX390 engine under all operating conditions, as the added weight of this engine can make the tractor feel imbalanced.

Tire Chains

Need more traction on slick surfaces? BCS offers tire chains that fit every stock tractor wheel and tire combo from 4×8 to 6.5×12. 5×12 and 6.5×12 chain sets can be used with spider bungies, which stretch over the sidewall to create uniform tension across the chain. This increasing chain life by up to 25%.

Want to Get More from Your BCS Tractor?

If you need something for your BCS tractor, go to Shank’s Lawn Equipment. As an authorized dealer for BCS and their manufacturing partners, we don’t just sell them, we also offer service and parts for tractors, attachments and the engines that power them. Stop by our shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here from I-81, take Exit 10 to Marion.

Need something for your tractor and don’t live nearby? We ship OEM parts and accessories across the USA and Canada. To order, visit

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Briggs & Stratton Two-Stage Snowblowers

Briggs & Stratton Two-Stage SnowblowersLooking for a residential snow blower that doesn’t skimp on power or features? Then a Briggs & Stratton two-stage snow blower may be right for you. With 7 models available, you can get heated grips, electric starters and remove chutes make them easy to use while their winter-specific engines and snow-cutting augers give you the power you need to clear out the deepest snow.


All Briggs snow blowers are powered by their Snow Series engines. These are designed to start in temperatures as low as -20°F, whether you’re using a recoil or electric starter. The starter handles and controls on these engines are large enough to be operated while wearing gloves. The handles and control panel are designed so that one hand can engage the drive while the other hand is free to make adjustments to the chute and throttle.

Snow is picked up by an auger with a notched edge that helps it bite into packed snow. A high-speed impeller gathers this snow and forces it out of the chute. For durability, power is transferred from the impeller to the auger using a transmission with an aluminum case, while the chute is made from steel. All models come with electric or crank-based remote chute controls.

These snow blowers have a transmission with 5 or 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds. The drive system connects to the wheels using a friction disc to save on weight and mechanical complexity. Briggs uses Arctic Trac tires to provide maximum grip on snow and ice.

BL924R Light-Duty

The Snow Series 900 in this model drives a 10-inch auger and 10-inch impeller. It can handle snow up to 20 inches high and has a maximum clearing width of 24 inches. The BL comes with dual halogen work lights mounted high up on the handle. It’s covered by a two-year residential warranty.

Heavy Duty

These models aren’t just more powerful than the BL924R: they have dual trigger steering and come with heated hand grips. The Heavy Duty series is covered by a two-year residential warranty.

This model comes with an 1150 snow series engine equipped with an electric starter. It has a clearing width of 27 inches, can tackle snow pack up to 20.8 inches high, and can throw that snow a maximum distance of 35 feet. The chute rotation and deflector control are electric. The skid shoes are reversible for longer wear.

With a Snow Series 900, 24-inch wide auger and maximum 20-inch clearing height, it doesn’t have quite as much snow clearing power as the BM, but it can throw snow up to 40 feet, letting it work in larger spaces. LED work lights come standard, and it can be fitted with drift cutters and a snow cab.

This model has the same features as the 1024MD, but it uses an 1150 engine, giving it more power to handle thick, heavy snow.

Elite Series

Briggs’ top snowblower line comes with a warranty that covers 3 years of consumer use or 90 days of commercial use. All models come equipped with LED headlights and electric start, they can handle snow up to 20 inches tall, and they can throw snow up to 40 feet.

Powered by a 950, this machine has a 24-inch auger width.

This model uses an 1150 engine and has a 27-inch wide auger.

Briggs & Stratton’s most powerful snow blower comes with a Snow Series 1450 engine and an auger that’s 30 inches long.

Get the Power You Need to Tackle Winter Weather

Shank’s Lawn Equipment sells and services a wide range of power equipment including Briggs & Stratton’s engines and power products. If you’re looking for a new snow blower, or you need your equipment serviced, visit our shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here, take Exit 10 from I-81 and drive one mile East.

Not in the area and need something for your B&S equipment? Visit We can ship parts and accessories for your snowblower to any address in the U.S. or Canada.

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Briggs & Stratton Single Stage Snowblowers

Briggs & Stratton Single Stage SnowblowersBriggs & Stratton may be the first name to come up when talking about small engines, but they also make a range of quality power equipment including snow blowers. Their single stage models don’t just showcase their Snow Series engines, they come with innovative features that bridge the gap between single and two stage designs.

Snow Series: A Briggs Engine Built For Cold Weather

Briggs & Stratton’s Snow Series engines are based on their 950 and 1150 Series designs, but they’ve been altered to handle extreme winter temperatures. The company is so confident of their cold weather performance that they guarantee electric start models will fire up after the second starting attempt at temperatures as low as -20°F. These engines also have oversized controls designed to be used while wearing gloves, so there’s no need to be bare-handed when adjusting the choke or priming the carburetor.

Single Stage Snow Blowers

Standard single-stage snow blowers are powered by the 950 Snow Series engine, a 208cc powerplant that produces 9.5 lb-ft. of torque. This engine drives an auger lined with rubber paddles that scrape up surface snow for a clean finish while propelling the machine, lowering the amount of effort required by the operator. The auger rides on ball bearings and is surrounded by a one-piece housing for durability.
All models have 22-inch wide housings and can handle snow up to a foot tall. Maximum throwing distance is 30 feet.

Four versions are available, letting owners choose between manual or electric start, either with or without a remote chute. Pitch is adjusted by moving a large, glove-friendly handle on top of the chute.


Want the power of a two-stage snow blower with the compact size, mechanical simplicity and low weight of a single stage blower? Briggs & Stratton has managed to make such a machine by designing a unique hybrid auger.

The SnowShredder uses the same rubber paddles to pick up snow as their standard single stage blowers, but they’re mounted on an auger with 14 serrated surfaces. As the snow is drawn toward the chute, these edges break up clumps, turning them into powder that can be thrown further without the help of a second auger. This makes the SnowShredder the perfect choice for handling heavy, compacted snowfall. In the company’s own testing, these models clear snow about 30% faster than their standard single stage snow blowers.

Briggs offers the SnowShredder in two versions. When equipped with the 950 Series engine, it comes with hand-operated remote chute rotation. Step up to the 1150 Series, and you get a 250 cc motor that produces 11.50 lb-ft. of torque as well as push-button electric chute rotation and a work light mounted to the handle. Both models have the same width, snow height capacity and throwing distance of the company’s standard single stage blowers.


Briggs & Stratton guarantees their single stage snow blowers and their engines for one year of residential use or 90 days of commercial use.

Make Snow Clearing Easier This Winter

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a full-service Briggs & Stratton dealer, which means we don’t just sell their engines and equipment, we can also provide you with the parts and service to keep them running. If you’re looking for a new snow blower or you need help with your current machine, visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s one mile east of I-81 from Exit 10.

Need parts for your Briggs & Stratton engine or equipment? We can ship the OEM replacements you
need to your door, whether you live in the U.S. or Canada. To order, visit us at

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Echo Leaf Blowers

Echo Leaf BlowersWith 15 models to choose from, Echo offers gas-powered leaf blowers for everyone from homeowners who need something light for quick cleanup to landscapers who want as much power as possible from their backpack blower. Here’s how you can narrow down your choices to find the right Echo leaf blower for you.

How do I Choose a Leaf Blower?

Handheld vs. Backpack: While handheld blowers are normally used for small jobs and backpack blowers are good for large jobs, some of Echo’s models cross over in terms of specs. A backpack blower puts the engine and impeller on your back, taking the weight off of your arms, making it more comfortable for longer jobs. A handheld blower is easy to pick up and set down, making it great for small cleanup jobs. In either case, lower weight means more comfortable operation.

Power: The volume of air moved by the blower is measured in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM.) More air means more leaves can be moved with each pass. Speed is measured in miles per hour. The faster the air moves out of the tube, the more force it has. High-velocity blowers are great for moving wet layers of leaves.

Echo offers a couple of handheld models with flared end tubes. By concentrating the air into a small, flat opening, air can be directed across the surface of the ground, making the blower more effective at peeling up layers of compacted leaves.

Throttle Location: This is mostly a point of personal preference. Echo includes cruise control on all of their backpack throttles, so you only need your hand on the throttle when you need to change speed. If you’re used to having a hand free when using a tube-mounted throttle, adjusting to a hip-mounted throttle will be easy because you’ll only need to use the throttle occasionally.

Both throttles are susceptible to damage but in different ways. The cables connecting a tube throttle to the engine can be stretched or broken if they get hooked onto tree limbs and other obstacles during use, while a hip throttle can be broken off during transport if it isn’t folded in first.

Warranty: Even if you get the smallest handheld model, you’re still getting a quality product. All Echo leaf blowers are covered for two years of commercial use or 5 years of residential use.

Handheld Blowers

All of Echo’s handheld blowers are powered by a professional grade 25.4cc two-stroke engine. Here are their specs and major features.

PB-250: 165 mph, 391 CFM, 9.5 lbs.
PB-2520: 170 mph, 453 CFM, 8.6 lbs.
Comes with cruise control and shoulder harness attachment points.
PB-255LN :191 mph, 354 CFM, 10.5 lbs.
Uses a rubber handle grip to isolate vibration and has a flared end pipe.
PB-2620: 172 mph, 456 CFM, 9.7 lbs.
Uses an upgraded engine with better air filtration and a long-lasting chrome-plated cylinder. Comes with a secondary handle and a rubber main grip. Includes both round and flared end tubes.

Backpack Blowers

Models ending in “H” have a hip-mounted throttle, while models ending in “T” have a tube-mounted throttle. All engines are two-stroke.

PB-265LN: 158 mph, 375 CFM 13.3 lbs, 25.4 cc.
The i-30 starting system has a helper spring to help kick over the engine for easy starts.
PB-580H and PB-580T: 215 mph, 510 CFM 22.6 lbs, 58.2 cc
The frame has a four-point vibration reduction system, and the intake draws air around the harness to keep the operator cool.
PB-755SH and PB-755ST: 233 mph, 651 CFM 24.7 lbs, 63.3 cc
These blowers are mounted on an L-shaped frame, making it more comfortable to carry.
PB-760LNH and PB-760LNT: 214 mph, 535 CFM, 24.5 lbs, 63.3 cc
A sound-reducing baffle limits noise to 65db, while dual stage air filtration keeps the engine clean.
PB-770H and PB-770T: 234 mph, 756 CFM, 24.3 lbs, 63.3 cc
A dual stage air filter decreases engine wear.
PB-8010H and PB-8010T: 211 mph , 1,071 CFM, 24.5 lbs, 79.9 cc
These are the most powerful backpack blowers on the market. A carbon fiber frame and fan case saves weight, a wear ring reduces tube wear, and a large top-mounted paper air filter stops dust while letting the engine breath.

When You Need Equipment for Your Home or Business, Go to Shank’s

Shank’s Lawn Equipment has been in the outdoor equipment business for over 40 years, providing customers with the service and support they need for everything from leaf blowers to ZTRs. If you’re looking for a leaf blower or you need help with your Echo equipment, visit our shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here from I-81, take Exit 10 to Marion and drive one mile East.

As an authorized Echo dealer, we’re able to ship OEM parts and accessories for their equipment to any location in the U.S. or Canada. To order, visit

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Scag Giant-Vac Truck Loaders

Scag Truck Mount LoaderHow do you get massive amounts of leaves up from the ground into your truck or trailer? Use a truck loader. Want to save money on disposal fees? Use a truck loader. Want something that will pick up and compact leaves quickly while being built strong enough to rely on season after reason? Get a Scag Giant-Vac truck loader. Thick steel construction and big commercial engines across the lineup make these machines a great choice whether you run a small lawn care service or do municipal cleanup.

Why Giant-Vac?

All of their loaders come with features that make them durable and easy to use. They use all steel construction including the chute, impeller housing, and constructed impeller, and ¼ inch steel wear plates are fitted to every model. Electric start is standard on all models, the boom can be locked into place for transport, and the outlet is fitted with a flexible end, making it easy to direct debris into truck beds and trailers.

TLS Skid Mount

This compact skid mount loader is powered by an 18 HP Vanguard V-Twin. This engine drives a 20 x 5.25 inch, 4 blade impeller made from 3/8 inch steel plate.

Debris is drawn through a 10-inch diameter intake hose. Coiled metal wire supports the 0.045-inch black thermoplastic rubber lining with a built-in wear strip to let you know when the hose is due for replacement. The intake nozzle is made out of 16 gauge steel with a 7 gauge reinforcement plate to support the handle. Debris exit through a 7-inch diameter discharge tube.

The removable skids have fork pockets, making it easy to transport and position for mounting. Multiple mounting holes add some flexibility when attaching the loader to a truck bed or trailer.

TLS20W Industrial Skid Mount

Need more power? The 20W uses a 29 HP Vanguard with heavy-duty air filter. It comes with a 5.5-gallon fuel tank with a built-in gauge for all day use and a remote oil drain to make oil changes easier.

The hose is the same as the TLS, but its diameter increases to 12 inches. The boom’s hose support chain can be adjusted without tools. Debris exit through an 8-inch discharge tube.


This loader is mounted to a trailer with DOT approved lighting, license plate bracket and reflectors. It uses a two-inch ball hitch but can be fitted with a 2 5/16 inch ball or a pintle hitch. This trailer comes with a built-in three hole broom and rake holder.

Buyers can choose between a powerful 29 HP Vanguard or an efficient, easy-starting 26.5 HP Kohler EFI engine. Both engines come with heavy-duty air filtration systems. Like the TLS20W, it comes with a 5.5-gallon fuel tank. The intake hose is 12 inches in diameter, while the discharge tube is 8 inches in diameter.


The TLB is offered with three engines: a 35 HP Vanguard, a 37 HP Kohler and a 48 HP Kubota diesel. The Vanguard and Kubota are 50 state emissions compliant, and all three engines come with heavy-duty air filtration systems. These engines drive a ½ inch thick four-blade impeller, and they’re supplied by an extra large fuel tank.

The 16-inch diameter intake hose is made from a translucent polyurethane rubber, making it easy to locate clogs. It’s 84 inches long, and is capped with a nozzle that has an ambidextrous handle can be used with one or two hands to reduce fatigue. Debris exit through a 12-inch discharge tube.

The trailer is similar to the TL20W, but it gets a couple of upgrades. The loader is supported by a Dexter Troflex Axle rated at 3,500 lbs. It’s mounted on forged torsion arms for a smooth ride on the highway. Wheel chocks with boxes and traffic cones are included.


The hitch receiver mount lets you carry the TLS behind your truck. It has a locking joint that can keep the loader directly behind the truck for transport, and then lets it swing out to 90 or 180 degrees while in use.

Need a little more reach? The stack extension increases the discharge chute height to get over high sided trailers and trucks.

Are your working days limited by the sun? The halogen work light kit gives you the visibility to keep working through the evening.

The trailer brake package adds remote-activated brakes to your TL20W or TLB loader, while the roadside package has the same traffic cones and reflective chocks that come with the TLB.

Get the Tools You Need for Fall Lawn Care

As a certified Scag Giant-Vac dealer, Shank’s Lawn Equipment doesn’t just sell their machines, we’re able to offer the service and support you need to keep your equipment running. If you’re looking to take the work out of leaf collection, visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s one mile east of I-81 from Exit 10.

We can also ship parts and accessories to you whether you live in the U.S. or Canada. To order, visit

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Scag Giant-Vac Leaf Blowers

Scag Giant-Vac Leaf BlowersMost leaf blowers are noisy, thirsty, uncomfortable, and unreliable, but they don’t have to be. Scag Giant-Vac wheeled leaf blowers are mounted on carts so they can use big engines and impellers, handily outperforming the best backpack blowers, while keeping the weight and vibration off of the operator. With models sized for everyone from homeowners to contractors, these blowers are a great choice for people looking for cleanup equipment that works faster, is easier to use and is more reliable.

The Best Choice for Leaf Cleanup

Backpack and handheld leaf blowers are limited to using two-stroke engines to keep weight down, but by mounting everything on a wheeled cart, Giant Vac is able to use quality four stroke engines that last longer, are easy to start, can use straight gasoline and make a lot less noise. The operator pushes the blower using an isolated handle, taking the weight and vibration out of operation.

For homeowners, it means they can clean up their lawn faster and with less effort. For professional landscapers and contractors, using a walk-behind leaf blower decreases job time, labor costs and running costs compared to backpack leaf blowers.

Giant-Vac isn’t the only company making wheeled blowers, but it’s their design that makes them stand out. The engine drives a constructed steel impeller that is balanced to minimize vibration and strain on the crankshaft. The discharge opening is angled down slightly to get right at the surface of the ground to peel up wet leaves. Move the lever-activated flap, and this air can be directed to the side for maximum clearing power or front discharge to push leaves away from buildings and fences.

LBC Classic

The classic offers most of the features of Scag’s larger blowers at a size and price that puts it within reach of residential buyers. Its 5.7 hp Subaru SP170 drives a 15 inch, four blade impeller to blow at a rate of 1,392 cubic feet per minute. That’s more than double the air volume of the most powerful backpack blowers. The handle uses anti-vibration mounts at four points and a padded handle limits the transmission of vibrations to the operator.

LBX Extreme

Power and flexibility make this model a great choice for landscapers. This blower’s 9 HP Subaru EX27 spins the 15-inch, 6 blade impeller with enough force to move air at a rate of 2,293 CFM. The handle has a control for a door on the discharge opening. When left flat, the door lets the air skim across the surface of the ground to peel off thick layers of wet leaves. Turn the angle up, and the blower will roll piles of tall piles into place for collection. That handle uses 8 anti-vibration mount points and is curved to make it comfortable to use the blower either head-on, standing to the right to see the path of leaves, or to the right to stay out of the path of moving debris. The engine throttle is also remote-mounted, letting you adjust airspeed during operation.

LBXP Extreme Pro

Need to clear a lot of land quickly? The LBXP is perfect for resealing contractors who need to clear parking lots and roads quickly so they can get to work.

It comes with all the features of the LBX, but it’s powered by an 11.7 hp Honda GX390 which spins a 17 inch, 6 blade impeller. That’s enough to increase output to 2,824 CFM.

When You Need Lawn Care Equipment, Go to the Experts

Are you looking for a better way to clean up lawns and pavement? Shank’s Lawn Equipment sells and services most major brands of outdoor equipment including everything from Scag and their Giant Vac line of debris clean-up tools. Visit our shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s one mile east of I-81 from Exit 10.

We also ship OEM parts and accessories across the U.S. and Canada. If you need something for your Scag Giant-Vac equipment, visit

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Preparing Your Garden for Winter

Preparing Your Garden for WinterYou may be used to winding down lawn care as winter approaches, but what about your garden? By doing a few things now, you can help your plants survive winter weather and get a head start on spring.

Don’t Stop Watering

Plants will still need water as they go dormant, especially if you’re having a dry fall. Keep watering until the first freeze.

Use Your Leaves

Instead of disposing of leaves, mulch and collect them with your mower. As long as you don’t have black walnut trees on your property, the resulting mulch is perfect for applying to garden beds. What’s wrong with black walnut leaves? They contain high levels of juglone, a chemical that is used by the tree to push out competing plants. Many ornamental and edible plants are susceptible to this poison.

Collected leaves can be used as mulch and ground cover, or they can be composted, creating rich organic material both directly and through the growth of leaf mold. This also breaks downs juglone, making black walnut mulch to use on all plants.

Remove Dead Vegetation

Cleaning out your garden doesn’t just make it look better, it also stops the spread of plant diseases that can survive the winter.

Prepare the Soil for Spring

Now is a great time to fertilize your soil for the next growing season. A soil test will tell you what nutrients need to be added to give your plants the nutrient support they need. If your soil needs lime, applying it now will give it time to dissolve and reduce acidity.

Plant Bulbs

Bulb plants, including tulips, daffodils, crocus, onion, and garlic need exposure to cold weather before they’ll come out of dormancy. Planting needs vary from plant to plant, but most varieties do best when evening temperatures are in the 40s. All bulb varieties do best if they’re planted in soil with good drainage.

Lay Down a Thin Layer of Mulch

Adding one to two inches of mulch over gardens and around trees will shield plants from the worst effects of winter. However, a thicker layer may insulate the underlying soil, keeping it from freezing. This can leave insects, weeds and other detrimental organisms alive come spring.

Protect Your Trees

If you have young, thin-barked trees, they’ll need some protecting from temperature fluctuations in the winter. As the surface heats up, water thaws in the bark and trunk, only to refreeze at night, splitting the bark. To keep this from happening, apply a paper wrap, covering the trunk from an inch below the soil surface. The ends can be taped together with some duct tape.

Evergreens are still active in winter, but they can dry out easily in the winter air. Keep them watered and consider applying an antidesiccant.

Protect Roses with Cones

Roses should be protected with a rose cone after the first hard freeze, the point at which temperatures dip below 20°F. Prune the plant just enough to fit into the cone. Filling the cone with leaf mold or straw will add extra protection if you live in a very cold climate or you’re growing a cold-sensitive variety like a hybrid tea. When temperatures rise in the spring, remove the cone when temperatures are above 30 degrees, then put it back over the plant at night.

Get Caught Up on Equipment Maintenance

Whether you’re looking to add a bagging system to your mower, or you have equipment that’s due for a yearly tune-up, visit Shank’s Lawn Equipment. We’re an authorized dealer for a wide range of consumer and commercial brands including everything from BCS to Yanmar. Visit our shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA.

We also ship parts and accessories for all the brands we carry to any address in the U.S. or Canada. To order, visit us online at

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