Echo CS-2511T – The Lightest Gas Chainsaw on the Market

Echo CS-2511T

The Echo CS-2511T is the lightest gas chainsaw available in North America. That may suggest that it’s cheaply made, but Echo has managed to integrate features normally seen on larger saws while offering professional build quality, making it a great choice for arborists who need to cut while climbing on and through trees. Not a professional? While you may not appreciate its low weight as much, this model’s compact size makes it a great choice for cutting small limbs and maneuvering in tight areas.

How Much Does It Weigh?

Without a bar and chain installed, the CS-2511T weighs 5.2 lbs, which is over a ½ lb. less than its nearest competitor. Every ounce counts when you’re up in the air removing dead branches or shaping a tree, but what really makes this model stand out is its no-compromise approach to reaching that weight.


This chainsaw uses a 25 cc two-stroke engine where competitors’ models use smaller displacement motors to shave weight. This commercial quality engine has proved itself in a wide range of Echo products, and it provides ample power for felling limbs. To make starting easier, the effort needed to turn over the motor has been reduced and setting the choke also engages a fast idle mode to keep the engine running until it’s warm. While in use, a fine grid starter cover keeps the saw cool while blocking small wood chips and fibers from building up around the bar and motor.

Air going to the engine first enters Echo’s G-Force pre-cleaner which uses centrifugal force to remove most of the dust and debris before passing through a two-piece air filter. This provides much cleaner air than the simple foam and paper elements usually seen on two strokes, decreasing engine wear.

The fuel cap and bar oil caps are shaped so they can be twisted off using the starter handle, giving you extra leverage without having to carry a separate tool.

Bar and Chain

This saw is designed to accept a 12 or 14-inch bar. Like the engine, the chain’s size is unusual in this segment: 0.050-inch gauge and 3/8 inch pitch. The saw uses a roller chain catcher instead of a plastic part to shield the operator in case the chain comes apart, while a dual post chain brake helps tame kickback. A side access chain tensioner offers easy adjustment, and it uses a captive bar nut that you won’t lose in the field. The automatic oiling system holds 4.7 ounces and can be adjusted to lay down the right amount of lubrication for your current needs. Since it’s clutch driven, oil is only applied when the chain is moving.


Echo guarantees the CS2511T for 5 years of residential use, one year of commercial use or 90 days of rental use.

Parts and Service

Shank’s Lawn Equipment has been helping amateurs and professionals with their outdoor equipment for over 30 years, giving us the experience to help you find the right chainsaw for your needs, and as a certified Echo dealer, we’re able to provide quality parts and service for your equipment. If you’re looking to buy a CS2511 or you need your Echo equipment worked on, visit us at our shop, located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s one mile east of I-81 via Exit 10/Marion.

Need parts or accessories for your Echo chainsaw? Visit us on the web at We ship across the U.S. and Canada.

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Bennche Warrior 700/800 UTV

Bennche Warrior 700:800 UTV

At first glance, Bennche’s new Warrior UTVs look like baby Humvees, but that squared-off styling isn’t just to look tough: they have an all metal body and a cargo area on the front of the vehicle, making these some of the most versatile and durable side-by-sides on the market. With two models to choose from, this UTV is a great choice for buyers looking for maximum utility and practicality and those who want some added performance with their workhorse.

Built for Off-Road Performance

While the focus for these UTVs is on utility, Bennche went with equipment to make the Warrior well suited to technical trails. Power is sent through a CVT connected to a selectable all-wheel drive system and a locking rear differential. The Warrior uses independent dual A-arm suspension front and back with sway bars to control body roll for better high-speed stability, while stopping is handled by hydraulic disc brakes on all four corners. Body-color alloy rims with 27-inch tires that provide 12.5 inches of ground clearance, and there are skid plates over everything on the underside including surrounds for the A-arms with “Bennche” stamped in them.

The cab has bucket seats to accommodate up to three people. The driver can keep an eye on the vehicle thanks to a center-mounted analog speedometer and tachometer paired with a digital display for fuel, drive mode and other information.


The entire body of the Warrior is made from steel. In the back, there’s a 49×50 inch bed that can carry up to 500 lbs. This bed has tie-down loops and the sides can be folded down to turn it into a flatbed. Up front, there’s a second bed. It doesn’t fold down like the rear, but it does have tie-down loops on the sides and on the bed surface as well as a rail to help secure odd-shaped cargo.

Like Bennche’s other models, the Warrior comes with the lighting and turn signals to meet neighborhood vehicle requirements. In most areas, this makes it legal to drive this vehicle on the street for short distances.

Both the 700 and 800 have a 1,500 lb. towing capacity when outfitted with a trailer hitch, currently, the only accessory offered for this UTV.

More Differences Than Engine Sizes

At first glance, the Warrior 700 and 800 may seem to differ only in displacement as towing, seating and cargo capacity is the same for both models. However, the engines themselves are vastly different in design and power output. The 700 comes with a 686cc single-cylinder engine producing 34 hp, while the 800 uses an 800 cc V-Twin producing 60 hp.

To fit the V-Twin in the Warrior’s frame, the fuel tank capacity drops from 7.6 to 6 gallons, and the exterior dimensions have been altered, making the 800 9.5 inches longer, 5 inches wider and 5 inches shorter than the 700 without altering the size of the cab or bed. Opting for the 800 completely changes the character of the vehicle, pushing it into sporting territory, while the 700’s better fuel consumption and smaller body make it a better fit for work and tackling technical trails.

Want to Learn More?

Shank’s Lawn Equipment isn’t just a certified Bennche dealer, we also have over 30 years of experience helping our customers with their outdoor power equipment. Whether you’re looking at a UTV for work or play, we can help you find a model that will fit your needs. Need parts or service for your Bennche? We do that, too. Visit us at our shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here from I-81, take Exit 10 to Marion.

Need parts or accessories for your Bennche UTV? We can ship what you need to any address in the U.S. or Canada. To order, visit us online at

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Briggs & Stratton EXi

Briggs & Stratton EXi

Commercial operators make a big deal about power, but when it comes to residential products, you just want something that’s easy to use so you can get lawn chores done as quickly as possible. Briggs and Stratton’s EXi motor is built for these owners, eliminating the need for oil changes while making everything from starting to fueling as easy as possible.

The Engine

The EXi uses an overhead valve design that decreases fuel consumption and vibration, making this motor cheap and easy to use. Briggs and Stratton makes three versions producing anywhere from 6.25 to 7.25 lb-ft. of torque, which is par for the course in this market. However, they’re able to deliver that power with less weight than anything in its class at just 17.5 to 18.8 lbs, making whatever equipment it’s mounted in more maneuverable.


The onboard fuel tank holds 0.27 gallons of fuel fitted with an angled, oversized filler neck to make it easy to fill without spilling Like other modern small engines, the EXi runs fine on regular gasoline with up to 10% ethanol. The carburetor is made out of an automotive-grade polymer that is corrosion proof and resistant to varnishing, making it a better fit for modern fuel formulations, but the company still recommends using a fuel stabilizer to keep the fuel fresh.


There’s no choke or priming bulb on this engine, and Briggs & Stratton guarantees that it will start in two pulls.

Air Filter

For this redesign, the company ditched the oil-soaked foam element for a paper element with dual seals. This filter removes finer particles, reducing engine wear while keeping the oil cleaner. The top of the air cleaner box can be removed without tools for quick access when cleaning or replacing the filter.


Between improvements in cooling, air filtration, and tolerances, as well as a debris-deflecting filler neck, Briggs & Stratton have designed an engine that can use the same oil its entire life, requiring only occasional checks and top-ups. Regular 5W-30 small engine oil can be used in the EXi, and improvements to the cylinder bore finish and oil control ring greatly reduces oil burning, so oil needs to be added less frequent than older designs.


There isn’t much to do on this motor: just check the oil occasionally and replace the air filter and spark plug once a season. Even the gas cap and dipstick are easier to use thanks to a seal design that requires just a quarter turn for removal.

Parts and Service

Shanks Lawn Equipment has been helping everyone from homeowners to lawn care professionals with their outdoor equipment for over three decades, and as a certified Briggs & Stratton dealer, we have the factory training so you know your motor will be fixed right the first time. Whether you just need some oil or need a complete overhaul, visit our shop, located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here from I-81, take Exit 10 to Marion.

We also ship OEM parts across the U.S. and Canada. To order, visit us at our website,

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Classen Stand-Aer ZTR Aerator

Classen Stand-Aer ZTR Aerator

Aerating with a roller or a walk-behind is fine if you don’t have a lot of ground to cover, but if you’re a commercial operator, they can really slow you down during the fall rush. Classen PRO’s Stand-Aer solves this problem by building an aerator around a stander mower design, greatly increasing speed and cutting width. Have a rental business? The design of the Stand-Aer doesn’t just make it quick, it’s also easy to operate, earning it a Rental Magazine Editor’s Choice Award.

An Aerator with the Heart of a Commercial Mower

The Stand-Aer is powered by a Kawasaki FS541V. It has all the features you expect from a commercial motor including full pressure lubrication and a dual element air cleaner. 15 hp may not sound like much, but since it only needs to power the hydraulic system and the tine reel, it’s a good match for the Hydro-Gear ZT3200 transaxles used in this unit. Hydro-Gear uses thick axles and shock valves to improve durability, and the oil filter is external for easy maintenance. Classen takes reliability a step further by fitting the hydraulic system with their Hydra-Cool system to keep fluid temperatures under control.

The tine reel uses a chain drive with an automatic tensioning system to reduce maintenance. Working on this aerator is simple thanks to integrated jack stands lift aerator two inches for maintenance access.

Easy to Use for Beginners and Landscape Professionals

The controls on this aerator work like any stander ZTR mower: there’s a control panel in front of the operator with a grip for balance and a pair of levers to control the speed of the hydraulic motors. A thumb switch engages and disengages tines, going from transport to aerating over 25% faster than the leading stand-on. A tine depth stop allows the core depth to be set at one of 7 depths between two to 5 inches to fit soil conditions.

The rider platform is mounted on shock absorbers for comfort and stability. It can be flipped up to use the Stand-Aer as a walk-behind in tight spaces and to make the unit more compact when storing or transporting.

18 inch Grass Master tread drive tires in the back and a set of large caster wheels in the front reduce scrubbing to protect the turf. With the tines fully raised, this aerator has 6 inches of clearance, letting it drive over most curbs.


Obviously, the Stand-Aer has a huge advantage when it comes to speed: with a top speed of 7.4 mph going forward and up to 3.5 mph in reverse, it covers three times as much turf as a walk-behind aerator. However, the design also brings with it superior maneuverability. With the tines engaged, the Stand-Aer has a turning radius of just 48 inches, in many cases eliminating the need to stop and line up for the next pass. Lift the tines out of the ground, and it steers just like a ZTR, letting you get just the right position in tight spaces.

The tine reel spreads the work across 48 ¾-inch (19 mm) hollow core tines. With a width of 30 inches, the reel leaves behind a 3 ¾ inch by 7-inch (95 x 178 mm) pattern at 5.1 holes per square foot.


Classen guarantees this aerator for two years when used for either commercial or rental use, while Kawasaki covers the engine for three years.

Get the Help You Need to Provide the Best Lawns

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is more than just a Classen dealer, we’ve been helping professionals with their lawn equipment for over three decades, so we can help you get the tools you need and keep them running. If you need anything for your Classen PRO, visit our shop, located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway, Chambersburg, PA. To get here from I-81, take Exit 10 to Marion.

Need parts for your Classen PRO equipment? We ship parts and accessories across the U.S. and Canada. To order, visit our website,

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Scag Turf Tiger II

Scag Turf Tiger IIAre you looking for a top-of-the-line commercial mower? The Scag Turf Tiger II improves upon the standard Turf Tiger, providing a flexible, high-speed mowing platform. With several powerplant and deck options, this mid-deck ZTR is bound to fit your needs.


Scag offers 6 different powerplants from air-cooled gas V-twins to an inline diesel:

The Liquid-cooled Kohler Command Pro EFI V-Twin has made a name for itself by offering low fuel consumption and easy starting. This 26 hp motor is available with 52, 61 and 72-inch decks.

Kawasaki’s FD-Series has been a mainstay of commercial mowers for years; a 25 hp model is available with the 61-inch deck, and the new DFI (Digital Fuel Injection) equipped version is available in 26 and 31 hp versions on 61 and 72-inch deck mowers.

Briggs & Stratton’s Vanguard Big Block may be air-cooled, but it’s the most powerful engine option at 35 hp. It’s available with 61 and 72-inch decks.

Prefer diesel? Scag offers a 25 hp Kubota with 61 and 72-inch models.

These engines have all the features you expect from a commercial-grade motor including electric start and full pressure lubrication. Scag also adds an auxiliary canister air filter for longer filter life and easier service and mounts the radiator on liquid-cooled engines behind the seat to protect it from impacts. Fuel is provided by a 12-gallon tank with a top-mounted fuel gauge.

Hydraulic Drive

The drive system uses a pair of 16 cc Hydro-Gear pumps coupled to Parker wheel motors and a large auxiliary oil cooler to increase durability. Gas-powered models can reach a top speed of 12 mph, while diesels can hit 10 mph.


The Tiger has Scag’s signature Velocity Plus deck which is constructed from steel sheets of varying thicknesses to provide strength where it’s needed including a nearly ½ inch thick top plate to support the spindles. Scag uses cast iron spindles with tapered roller bearings, grease fittings mounted on top for easy access, and a relief port to prevent over-greasing.

Power is transferred from the Ogura GT 3.5 PTO clutch to the deck via a shaft drive. The clutch can be adjusted to compensate for wear, and it’s easy to access via the mower’s rear panel. This clutch rated at 250 ft lbs. for the Kohler and Kawasaki engines, and 350 ft-lbs. for models powered by the 35 hp Vanguard engine.

The deck can be set to a mowing height between one and 6 inches. Adjusting the height is simple: just push down on the adjustable foot pedal, then move the pin to one of the clearly-marked holes next to the seat.

Comfort and Ease of Use

The operator sits in a suspension seat with four iso-mounts that can be adjusted using a dial to match the rider’s weight. The seat position, back angle and armrest angle are also adjustable, while the lap bars can be positioned without using tool to match the operator’s reach.

The Tiger II comes with a new digital version of the Tiger Eye display, putting all the engine controls and information within easy reach. Opposite of this display is a 12-volt accessory plug for powering accessories and charging phones and a cup holder.

This equipment sits in a double tube welded steel frame designed to keep the center of gravity low for hill stability. Giant 26 inch drive tires provide traction with minimal scrubbing, while flat-free front caster wheels reduce maintenance. The caster extension is replaceable should it become dented from an impact. A built-in hood on liquid-cooled models and access panels on air-cooled models provide protection without getting in the way during servicing.


There are several ways to set up the Tiger II to fit your mowing needs:

  • Set up the deck for mulching with the chamber-shaping Hurricane Plus mulching kit and either a mulch plug or operator-controlled chute that can be opened and closed as needed.
  • Collect clippings with a 16-bushel bag system or an easy-to-unload 12-bushel clamshell loader.
  • Get a ballpark finish with the Tiger Striper.
  • Know when to change the air filter by adding a monitor that sends information to the Tiger Eye display.

When You Think “Scag,” Think “Shanks”

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a certified dealer for Scag as well as Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki, and Kubota, so we can help you with anything on your mower. If you’re looking to buy a Turf Tiger II or need your mower serviced, visit us at our shop, located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s one mile east of I-81 via Exit 10 to Marion.

We also ship parts and accessories for Scag and many other brands across the U.S. and Canada. To order, visit us at

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Choosing a Leaf Blower

choosing a leaf blower

While raking can be effective on small areas, even homeowners with small yards can save time by using a leaf blower. Which one is right for you? Here’s what you need to consider from flow ratings to engine designs.

Cubic Feet Per Minute vs. Miles Per Hour

More CFM means more power. The higher the CFM rating, the better the blower will be at moving leaves and handling wet debris. A high MPH speed indicates a more concentrated blast of air, which is easier to control when working around bushes, buildings and other obstacles. For example, a typical backpack blower will move between 500 to 1,000 CFM of air at 200+ MPH, while a wheeled blower will usually move between 1,500 and 2,500 CFM at 150-200 MPH. This makes a wheeled blower better for wide areas and a backpack blower better for areas with bushes and fences.

Two Stroke, Four Stroke, or Something In Between?

Two-stroke engines ignite fuel every time the piston reaches the top of the cylinder, so a smaller, lighter engine can produce as much power as a larger four stroke. They also don’t use valves, making them simpler and cheaper to build, and since they’re lubricated by oil mixed with the fuel, there’s nothing that can leak into the combustion chamber, making them ideal for handheld devices that are used at several different angles. However, two-strokes don’t last as long as four strokes, they’re harder to start, and less fuel gets burned inside the motor, increasing emissions and fuel consumption.

To get around the two stroke’s problems, manufacturers have come up with novel power plant solutions. Honda’s Mini 4-Stroke uses a baffling system to keep the oil where it needs to be, while Shindaiwa’s C4 Technology engines are four strokes that use mixed gas for lubrication like a two-stroke. Both engines can be used at any angle, bringing four-stroke performance to small power equipment.

Since wheeled blowers don’t have to be carried, weight isn’t a major design factor. These models use full-size four-stroke engines like the type you’d find in a mower or other large professional equipment to deliver maximum power.

Handheld Leaf Blower

Electric models are much quieter than their gas-powered counterparts, but they simply can’t match the power of an internal combustion engine. Battery-powered models are pricey and the least powerful, but their portability, low weight and simple maintenance may be a good fit for your needs. Even with heavy-duty extension cords, plug-in models are realistically limited to a distance of 100 feet from an outlet. They’re more powerful than battery-powered models and work just fine for homeowners that want to clear off a short driveway. Gas-powered models can clear areas in as little as a third of the time of an electric blower.

Backpack Blowers

By carrying the motor on your back instead of in your hands, it’s easier to handle more weight. This lets designers pack more power into a backpack blower than is practical with a handheld blower. Low-end backpack blowers can be cheaper than rechargeable handhelds, while professional models have been a mainstay of lawn care services for decades.

Wheeled Blowers

Need to clear a wide area quickly? A wheeled blower can do the jobs of several backpack blowers, saving considerable time on jobs. Push models can be hard to maneuver on hills, but some manufacturers now offer blowers with self-propulsion systems.

Wheeled blowers are available with metal or plastic housings. While plastic may be seen as cheap, it’s definitely the best choice. Because the housing can be formed for a tight fit around the impeller, it reduces turbulence and increases air pressure. The end result is lower noise, lower power requirements, and less vibration, reducing wear and tear on the engine and the operator.

Metal housings may be lacking, but they’re also cheaper to build. If you need big power on a tight budget, this may be the way to go.

Get What You Need for Fall Lawn Care from Shank’s Lawn

No matter what size of leaf blower you’re looking for, we can help: we’re a certified dealer for most makes of lawn care equipment including popular leaf blower brands like Little Wonder, Shindaiwa, and MTD, as well as the manufacturers of the engines that power these machines. To find the right equipment for your needs, visit us at our shop, located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway, just off Route 11 in Chambersburg, PA.

We also ship parts and accessories across the U.S. and Canada for every brand we carry. To order, visit us online at

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BCS Tiller Attachments for Fall

BCS attachmentWhether you think of BCS’s equipment as tillers or tractors, there’s no denying their flexibility when used with the right attachments. While it may seem like it’s ready to put it in storage now that harvest season is ending, there are still plenty of ways you can put this machine to work to help you get ready for winter.

Chipper Shredder

This attachment makes it easy to clean up fallen limbs, create mulch to outline and protect gardens and flower beds, and even turn newspaper into bedding for stalls. A heavy rotor maintains speed for shorter cycle times, while 26 steel flails have no problem chewing through limbs up to three inches in diameter. This attachment works with the 722 and larger models. BCS also offers the EC100 which uses the same construction but has a Subaru EX27 engine on board to provide power, letting you tow it with a 710 or 718 tiller.

Flail Mower

From tall grass to saplings, if it can be bent, the flail mower can cut it. While this mower is intended for heavy vegetation, BCS offers scoop blades and an anti-scalp roller to adapt it for use on turf.

The RollerBlade isn’t as good at general mowing as the standard flail mower, but it can produce smaller debris and its shape and lack of caster wheels makes it more stable when cutting through ditches. This makes it the perfect choice when cutting on difficult terrain and for growers who need to shred cover crops at the end of winter. An anti-scalp roller is included to get a close cut without damaging the soil.

Sickle Bar Mower

This type of mower is usually used for cutting hay, but its low, slim profile lets it get into places other mowers can’t including fences and the edges of steep hills and ponds. Since it only slices at the base of the plant leaving the rest intact, it doesn’t turn rocks and other small debris into flying projectiles. This simple design also reduces power requirements for lower fuel consumption and a larger cut area, letting you get the fastest cut possible from your tiller.

BCS makes a low-cost single action bar and a high efficiency, low vibration dual action bar. The dual action mower is available with fingers for reduced vibration and without for greater durability when cutting saplings and thick vegetation. If you don’t need the power of the flail mower, a sickle bar is a great choice for clearing brush and cropland.

Brush Mower

With a pair of ¼ inch blades, this attachment has all the cutting power of a standard tractor brush mower, but in more manageable sizes ranging from 21 to 32 inches. This mower isn’t as effective at cover crop mowing as the flail or lawn mower, but it works well for clearing thick vegetation.

Power sweeper

This tool may be used mostly for snow cleanup, but it’s also great for removing dust off of paved surfaces and can be used to pull up thatch, making it indispensable for fall lawn care. A long handle allows the angle to be adjusted from the operator’s position. This attachment can be used at the same time as the sulky for more comfort during long stretches of use.

Log splitter

Designed to be used horizontally or vertically, the log splitter attachment has a four-inch diameter cylinder and a 16 gpm pump that exert up to 20 tons of force, cutting through crotches and knots with ease. Total cycle time is just 14 seconds when splitting a 24-inch log. This attachment needs to be used with the power cradle to get the necessary PTO speed and the curved coupler to attach it to the tiller.

Water Transfer Pump

In most areas of the country, fall brings heavy rains that can cause drainage and flooding issues. The water transfer pump can move up to 147 gpm at a pressure of 50 psi for draining ditches, ponds, and pools. A 25-foot long suction hose and 50-foot long discharge hose let it move water over long stretches, while the self-priming pump design only needs a little water added to the pump chamber before operating. This attachment requires the power cradle to get the required PTO speed.

Get More Use from Your BCS Tiller

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is more than just a BCS dealer: we have over 30 years of experience helping customers with their outdoor power equipment. If you need parts, accessories or service for your BCS tractor, visit us at our shop, located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s just off Route 11, one mile east of I-81. We also ship parts and accessories across the U.S. and Canada. Visit us online at

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Scag Liberty Z

Scag Liberty Z

Since homeowners don’t rack up hundreds of hours on their mowers each season, manufacturers use lower quality components than their commercial offerings to keep the price down at the cost of reliability. The Liberty Z is Scag’s first residential mower, but they’ve taken a different approach, carrying over many of the parts and features of their professional mowers to create something that owners can rely on year after year.

Borrowing from the Pro Mower Parts Bin

The Liberty Z may be a residential mower, but it comes with many of the parts Scag uses on their pro models to ensure excellent performance, easy maintenance, and a long service life.

Instead of stamping the deck out a thin piece of sheet metal, Scag welds together several thick pieces of steel to create a deck that can withstand major impacts without denting. The rear of the mower gets the same treatment with a tall steel plate rear bumper that protects the engine.

Scag offers the Liberty Z in three deck sizes: 36, 48 and 52 inches. Like their other mowers, the cutting height is adjusted using a foot pedal and can be set between 1 ½ to 4 ½ inches in ¼ inch increments.

The blades are bolted onto ball bearing sealed aluminum spindles require no maintenance, while grease points for other moving parts are within easy reach. The Liberty also uses the same hard-wearing Marbain blades as their commercial mowers, and several types are available including an abrasion-resistant model for use on sandy soil. The deck can be paired with a mulching plug or bagging system, as well as the mower chamber-sealing Hurricane system, which increases vacuum for stamped deck mulching performance. They even offer the Tiger Striper for getting a ball park finish.

A wide foot plate and an adjustable high-backed, bolstered seat make it comfortable to operate, even when mowing across inclines. On one side of the seat, there’s a gas tank with a molded-in cup holder that holds 3.5 gallons in 36-inch deck mowers and 5.5 gallons in the 48 and 52 deck mowers. On the other side, there’s a panel with the mower controls including the PTO, starter and an hour meter with maintenance reminders.

All this equipment rides on a set of 20-inch drive tires and 11-inch caster tires. Their large size improves the ride and traction while spreading out the mower’s weight to decrease turf damage.

Quality Parts from Pro Equipment Manufacturers

Like the rest of the mower, the engines used in the Liberty are top quality residential units built by companies that specialize in professional equipment.

Kohler’s 7000 Series Pro is adapted from their commercial Command Pro series, carrying over many of its features including cast iron cylinder liners, a large commercial duty air filter, and a full pressure oil system. The company says this design should last twice as long as the engine it replaced. The 7000 is available in mowers with 48 and 52-inch decks.

Kawasaki may be a new player in the residential market, but they’ve long been a dominant force in commercial mowers. The new FR Series delivers their high build quality and design to a price point within reach of home buyers: even their unique grass chopper system carries over, which keeps the fan intake from being clogged with debris. Scag fits the 18 hp FR600V in mowers with the 36-inch deck and the 21.5 hp FR651V in mowers with 48 and 52-inch decks.

The wheels are driven by equipment from another pro mower mainstay: Hydro-Gear. The Liberty uses a pair of 2800 transaxles which come equipped with cooling fans and all metal gears for reliable performance. These units can propel the mower to a top speed of 7 mph.

Power is transferred to the deck using an automatically adjusting belt system and an Ogura PTO clutch brake that can be adjusted to compensate for wear, greatly increasing its service life.


Scag guarantees the Liberty Z for 5 years or 750 hours of operation. Kawasaki backs the FR Series for three years, while Kohler backs the 7000 Series Pro for three years of residential use or one year of commercial use.

Parts and Service

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a certified dealer for Scag and their equipment partners so we can provide you with the service and support you need for your entire mower. If you need help with your Liberty Z, visit our shop, located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here from I-81, take Exit 10 to Marion and drive one mile east.

Not in the area? We ship parts and accessories across the U.S. and Canada. To order, visit

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Little Wonder BRC-26 Hydro Brush Cutter

BrushCutterBrush cutting is difficult and sometimes dangerous work, which means you don’t want to skimp on features that will make the job easier to handle. That’s why Little Wonder’s BRC 26 Hydro Brush Cutter goes beyond raw power by adding features that make it easy to use and care for.


This brush cutter is powered by Honda’s single cylinder GXV390. The GX-Series is a popular powerplant for professional lawn equipment, and for good reason: everything about this motor is designed for maximum durability and reliable use so you know you’ll always be able to get the job done. An automatic decompression system makes the engine easy to turn over when starting, a large fuel tank lets it run for long periods, and a dual element air cleaner reduces maintenance. This motor also comes with Oil Alert, which will shut the engine off automatically if the oil level is too low, protecting the motor from serious damage.

The engine drives a Hydro-Gear T2 transaxle. This unit has a built-in fan to control fluid temperatures and sends power to the wheels via a pair of ¾ inch solid steel axles. It provides the BRC 26 with a top speed of 4.2 mph when moving forward and 1.7 mph in reverse.

A single belt connects the engine to a quarter inch thick, 26-inch wide tempered spring steel cutting blade. Together, this blade and motor combination can cut through saplings up to two inches in diameter and can mow down plants up to 5 feet tall. The blade is shielded by a 30-inch wide deck.

Durable Construction

The blade is held in place by a one-inch diameter spindle that rides on a pair of sealed ball bearings. In turn, these bearings are held in a large welded steel flange that both resists impacts and protects the bearings from moisture. Both bearings can be greased at the same time using a single zerk fitting.

Surrounding this powerful equipment is a frame, deck and handle made from a combination of welded 7, 10 and 12 gauge steel. The front of the brush cutter is supported by a pair of 1.5-inch wide skid shoes made out of ¼ inch plate steel which can be adjusted to set the cutting height anywhere between 3 to 5 inches. The back of the unit is supported by a pair of 16-inch foam-filled puncture proof tires with bar treads designed for traction on dirt.

Controls that Make Sense

The transaxle is clutchless and can go from forward to reverse without using a shift lever. For easy operation, Little Wonder designed the speed control as a lever that can be closed against the handle to go forward or pushed down with a small thumb tab to go in reverse. Worried about having the BRC 26 run away when mowing difficult terrain? There’s a limiter dial on the handle that lets you set the maximum speed so it never moves too quickly.

When the work is done, a parking brake keeps the brush cutter from rolling, while a bypass control located at the base of the handle allows the transmission to be put into neutral, making it easy to roll into sheds or onto trailers.

The handles are surrounded by a wrap-around hand guard, protecting the operator when working near bushes, trees, and fences. Every control is connected using metal rods, eliminating issues with maintenance and failure due to pinching and rusting associated with cable-operated controls.


Little Wonder guarantees the BRC 26 for two years of commercial or rental use, while Honda backs the engine with a three-year warranty.

Parts & Service

Need to have your BRC 26 serviced or just need some parts? Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a certified dealer for both Little Wonder and Honda, and with over 30 years helping customers with their outdoor equipment, you know we’ll do the job right. Stop by our shop, located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s just off Route 11, or take Exit 10/Marion from I-81 and drive one mile east.

We also ship parts across the U.S. and Canada so we can send you anything you need to keep your brush cutter working. To order, visit

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Briggs & Stratton Q6500 Generator

Briggs & Stratton Q6500 Generator

Briggs & Stratton may be famous for their small engines, but their generator division has long been a major player in the market, offering everything from portable units for tailgating to large standby generators that keep small businesses up and running during blackouts. The Q6500 is their first entry into the inverter generator market, but it’s not just a copy of existing designs: by combining features of portable and standby generators, they’ve created something that delivers plenty of power in a package that’s unusually quiet and easy to use.

The Merging of Backup Power Capacity, Portable Packaging, and Lawn Care Technology

At first glance, the Q6500 looks like a scaled up portable generator. This is due to a design that takes features from both designs, combining a steel frame with a fully enclosed shell. The result is a device that has a rigid structure and internal grounding with built-in weather protection and noise reduction.

Briggs & Stratton’s engine division developed a new 306 cc motor with an integrated alternator for this model. This combination keeps the generator’s overall size small and lightweight. At just over 25.5x21x21 inches, it’s about the size of a large cooler, and it weighs just 128 lbs. That’s about 45% smaller and 30% lighter than equivalent backup generators. A built-in telescoping handle and flat-free wheels make the Q6500 easy to transport, while the engine is designed to shut off automatically if the oil level is low to prevent mechanical damage.

Where this generator really shines is noise and efficiency, courtesy of the full enclosure and Briggs & Stratton’s QuietPower system. First used on B&S’s lawn mower engines, QuietPower technology allows the engine to run efficiently across a wide RPM range. In this application, the throttle to be adjusted automatically to match current power demands without major losses in efficiency, letting it run up to 14 hours at a 25% load. Between low engine speeds and the sound-blocking enclosure, this generator produces 60% less noise than a standard metal frame generator.


The alternator can supply 6,500 starting watts for brief spikes caused by electric motors cycling on, while the maximum sustainable load is 5,000 watts. A built-in inverter creates a clean power waveform, making this generator safe to use with sensitive electronics including TVs and computers.

This power is available via a pair of GFCI-protected 120 volt / 20 amp duplex outlets for a total of four three-prong sockets, a 120-240 volt locking outlet that can connect to your household wiring via a transfer switch and two USB ports for charging small devices like smartphones.

All the outlets, controls and gauges are mounted to a side panel that lights up once the engine is running. To get the generator started, there’s a pull start, choke and on/off switch. The outlets are protected from the weather by a set of plastic covers, and there are indicator lights to monitor power draw and indicate problems like low oil. Need to add an external ground? There’s an attachment point next to the outlets.

Currently, the only model uses an engine that is 49-states compliant; for the time being, buyers in California and Quebec will need to look elsewhere.


Briggs & Stratton guarantees the Q6500 for 24 months of residential use or 12 months of commercial use.

Parts & Service

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a certified dealer for all of Briggs & Stratton’s products, as well as many of the brands that use their engines. If you need parts or service, visit our shop, located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s just off Route 11, one mile east of I-81 from Exit 10/Marion.

Live in the U.S. or Canada and need parts for your Briggs & Stratton engine or equipment? We can ship anything you need. To order, visit


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